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The topwater 120 kayak by Old Town has fishing features, a DoubleU hull for stability, and a flat deck with room to stand up and fish. Old Town is one of the oldest paddlesports companies and is known for using quality components in all of their models. The Topwater 120 is also available in a 115-inch model. All of Old Town’s kayaks are made in the U.S.A.

Topwater 120

The Topwater 120 Fishing Kayak combines large-scale performance with a compact and nimble design, allowing you to enjoy large-scale kayak fishing in an intimate setting. The Topwater 120 has the perfect marriage of stability and performance, including its DoubleU Hull, which gives you a stable stand-up fishing platform. With a 120-pound weight capacity, the Topwater 120 is easy to handle and fast, perfect for small-town fishing trips and long-distance touring.

The Topwater 120 is one of the most popular fishing kayaks in the market, and for good reason. It features a spacious interior with room for a fish crate and two storage compartments below the deck. You can even use it for overnight fishing trips, and its high-capacity hull and deck make it sturdy enough to take all of your gear with you. The Topwater 120 also boasts a number of handy features, including three flush-mounted rod holders, a cup holder, and gear tracks.

DoubleU Hull

The Old Town Topwater 120 Kayak is an excellent option for fishing on sheltered lakes and rivers. Its DoubleU hull balances speed and stability for the most stable fishing experience. Its flat deck is large enough for stand-up fishing. Old Town is one of the oldest paddlesports companies, so you can trust that the components are top-notch. Here’s what you need to know before you purchase.

The Old Town Cruiser includes a universal transducer mount. The mount runs through the hull to a replaceable mounting plate. The transducer cable is routed through the mount, making installation a breeze. This feature means no more drilling into the hull when adding electronics! With a simple installation, you’ll be on your way to catching more fish! With a hull scupper and a convenient handle, you’ll be ready to go fishing in no time.

PDL Drive

The mounting shaft on an Old Town PDL Drive is designed for easy installation of track-mounted accessories. It is designed with a rod rest, which provides a convenient place to rest a rod. With two stainless steel screws, it is easy to install or remove, depending on your preference. The rudder is also firmly attached to the mounting shaft. The mounting shaft is a convenient place to secure the paddle and other gear.

The PDL Drive features an easy-to-use pedal system that propels the kayak forward or in reverse. The system is also saltwater safe, and requires only a few minutes of maintenance – rinsing after saltwater use and occasionally checking for weeds. The PDL Drive is backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty and is built in the USA. A few accessories may be required to fully enjoy this new fishing tool.

Pelican kayaks

If you enjoy the outdoors and you want to paddle around the old town in style, consider purchasing a new Pelican kayak. They are well-known for designing and manufacturing quality kayaks that are built to last a lifetime. Pelican is one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and their mission is to provide quality products to outdoor enthusiasts. They manufacture a variety of models to suit all kinds of water activities, and their quality control is second to none.

The Pelican Catch PWR 100 is a remarkably light and rigid personal watercraft that is pre-wired to accept a variety of motors. It has a battery compartment in the front, and a back compartment for connecting the motor. The Pelican Catch 110 HyDryve II is made of RAM-X Premium, which imparts a high-gloss finish and adds greater rigidity than standard polyethylene. Despite its lightweight and durable construction, this kayak is still very easy to paddle and maintain.

Wilderness Systems

For a comfortable ride, choose a Wilderness Systems kayak. The Recon series of kayaks offer an extra-large gasketed hatch and thoughtfully configured bin for storing essential gear. The Recon also features Dual Rod Troughs for horizontal rod storage, with room for up to three 7’6″ rods per side. Each trough is secure with cross-lashing bungees, and the seat adjusts for comfort and stability with a single hand.

Wilderness Systems offers a full line of recreational, touring, and fishing kayaks. Recreational kayaks start at $1,000 USD and are available with bulkheads and stern hatches. Fishing kayaks are also available with pedal or power drives. Old Town Sportsman kayaks are better suited for angling. You can choose from two models: an 11-foot and a 13-foot.

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