pod fish finders

Pod Fish Finders

The pod fish finders are a great way to get information from the water without using a traditional fishing rod. They include a display, battery, and transducer inside the removable pod, making installation and removal very easy. The pod is attached to a gear track and allows for easy removal and storage. The unit also comes with a carrying case and a charging cord. There is a downside to the removable pod, though. garmin fish finders

Pods are made to protect marine electronics from water and dust, and keep your electronics safe from UV rays and spray. The precut face of a PowerPod provides a space for the fishfinder and a secure mounting base. PowerPod bases are available with a 1.8-inch or 1.1-inch opening, which allows ample room for wires to be run. The double gasket system helps prevent the unit from leaking water and protecting the electronics within.