quick wiring disconnect for hummingbird fish finders

How to Use a Quick Wiring Disconnect For Humminbird Fish Finders

A quick wiring disconnect for your Humminbird fish finder is an important safety feature. This wire allows you to disconnect your device from the boat’s power source without having to unplug it from the boat’s wall outlet. In addition, it prevents voltage drops which can affect the performance of your unit. The Humminbird Solix and Helix models use marine grade terminal rings and shielded duplex wire. garmin fish finders reviews

To use the quick wiring disconnect, plug a female C5 connector into the corresponding terminal on the Quick Disconnect Connect 10 Gauge 2 Pin SAE. Make sure that the positive end of the wire is attached to the positive connector. The negative end of the wires should be connected to the negative side of the Quick Disconnect Connect.