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Fish Finders – Showdown 5.6

To determine the depth range of a particular fish, you need to set the depth range of a specific device to match the water you are fishing in. The Showdown 5.6 Digital Fish Finder comes fully assembled, with a carrying case, with a clear gimbal bracket to attach the display to. The Showdown 5.6’s clear gimbal bracket should be attached to a solid wire connection. Make sure the transducer cable has a round rubber stopper. The battery strap should fit tightly into the compartment, preventing excess clutter. handheld fish finders

The Showdown 5.6 sonar is highly sensitive and has a 25-level sensitivity level. This feature automatically selects the sensitivity level that best fits the depth of water. The Showdown 5.6 is also equipped with a built-in heater that keeps the liquid crystals moving normally even in sub-freezing temperatures. This helps you avoid freezing your liquid crystal when you’re fishing in sub-freezing conditions. When used properly, the Showdown 5.6 performs better in this mode.

The new Showdown 5.6 is an excellent option for ice fishing. Its user-friendly interface and Vertical LCD Display make it an easy-to-use product. You’ll spend more time fishing with the Showdown 5.6 than you would with other fish finders. Using the Showdown 5.6 saves you from guesswork, and you’ll never be left wondering what depth to set your line. It automatically locks on to the correct depth range and displays digital depth at all times.