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Side View Fish Finders

Side view fish finders can be useful for a variety of fishing situations. They give you a panoramic view of the water, and often have more than one transducer to scan different directions. However, side imaging models tend to be more expensive than those that scan only one direction. These devices often include down imaging as well, so you can toggle between side and down imaging as you need. best fish finders on the market

The HELIX 7 G4N model is a good example of a model with a wide field of view. It has a soft-key operation, and its dual spectrum CHIRP sonar provides top-notch accuracy and precision. It has internal GPS and also offers two sonar views, down imaging and standard definition. In addition, it supports Ethernet networking and Bluetooth(R) connectivity.

When using a side imaging fish finder, you should carefully select the range of the sonar that you will use. For best results, choose a range between 40 and 80 feet on each side. You will be amazed at how much easier it will be to spot fish with this range. You should also choose the frequency range of the side imaging unit. Usually, the frequency range for side imaging units is 455 kHz or 800 kHz, which provides better coverage area and sharper images.

Side imaging fish finders are great for locating larger fish, but may not be the best option for smaller ones. They are more effective in shallow water than deep ones. However, they are best used with trolling motors, which will make them easier to navigate through schools of fish. As a result, most people using side imaging fish finders use them in conjunction with a trolling motor to make it easier to move through the water.

There are three main types of side imaging sonar. Among these are side imaging sonar, down imaging sonar, and side scanning sonar. While down scanning captures the area directly below your boat, side scanning is much more comprehensive and allows you to view more water than a traditional 2D image.

The latest side imaging fish finders are designed to give you crystal clear images of underwater objects, such as fish. These fish finders also include mapping software and GPS functionality. They can connect to Android or iOS devices, and you can sync them with your smartphone. This feature is especially useful for shore fishing.

While side imaging is generally more useful for shallow water, down imaging is better for deeper water. It allows you to scan a wider area with less movement. The downside to side imaging, however, is that it requires a slower boat speed. Moreover, side imaging fish finders are best for rivers, as they can scan the entire river instead of going up and down each side.