Sierra Trading Post Sells Perception Kayaks For Cheap

If you’re wondering why Sierra Trading Post is able to sell Perception kayaks for so cheap, read this article to find out. This used kayak retailer is known for selling closeouts and 2nds of all types. Closeouts are characterized by minor cosmetic blemishes. They are not structurally altered, but are a good deal cheaper than new kayaks. Closeouts are available on the Cape Horn series, though only the Cape Horn 150 with rudder is offered as a Closeout. The other types of kayaks are referred to as “2nds,” including Perception Airalites.

Low cost

Why does Sierra Trading Post sell perception kayaks for so cheap? The answer is simple – they make them with recycled materials. These kayaks are still in great condition, but have only slight cosmetic blemishes. This is because they have not been tweaked structurally, and they are not sold with bent or tweaked hulls. Closeout kayaks are also the best way to save money on your new kayak.

While perception kayaks can be inexpensive, they often lack premium features and aren’t suitable for heavier people. If you are on a budget, it might be better to stick to single-person kayaks or smaller tandem kayaks. Just be sure to check the weight capacity before making the purchase. If your budget allows, consider purchasing a cheap tandem kayak, which can be an excellent option for a couple of kayakers.

Great combination of speed and tracking

The Perception Carolina is an excellent starter to intermediate touring kayak. Its wide, comfortable cockpit and v-shaped hull make it a safe choice for beginners. The kayak’s hull design gives it excellent tracking, while the sturdy material protects it from impact and UV rays. The kayak also has cup holders and a selfie slot for easy photo taking. Its excellent tracking makes it a great option for recreational kayaking.

The Pescador sit-on-top kayak is lightweight and durable, while providing good tracking and maneuverability. The Perception Tribe 9.5 kayak is an excellent recreational sit-on-top kayak. It features a high-density polyethylene hull with a skid plate on the bottom to prevent skidding. This kayak is equipped with adjustable foot rests and a framed seat with a padded backband. Its storage space is plentiful and includes a bungee storage area. The Perception Pescador carries a dry hatch, as well as a storage compartment for all your gear.

The Perception Rambler sit-on-top kayak is the least expensive option in the sit-on-top category. Its v-shaped bow is especially suited to light surf, float down a gentle river or explore flat water lakes. It also tracks efficiently, which makes it an excellent choice for beginners. However, it does not come with pedal-drive capabilities, so if you want to do some recreational kayaking, you may want to consider the Perception Rambler or Tribe. You can also purchase accessories that are designed to increase stability and reduce weight.

The Perception Prodigy XS is a closed-cockpit youth kayak. This kayak offers excellent protection from the elements. This kayak is perfect for hot weather paddling, as it has a comfortable seat and padded backrest. It is beginner-friendly and can take you from a recreational paddling adventure to an overnight adventure. This kayak can be used by kids and can be purchased for your first kayaking adventure.

Nature watchers

Risa Shimoda, one of the most influential women’s kayak designers, has been paddling for almost 30 years. She excelled at river running, freestyle, and squirt kayaking, representing the US in competition six times. Before founding Perception, Shimoda was an executive director at the renowned American Whitewater Association. She was passionate about clean rivers and spent nearly ten years at the helm of the company.

For exploring inland waterways

Sierra Trading Post sells Perception kayaks to explore inland waterways. These single-person kayaks track well and don’t require seat cushions. A Sierra kayak is much more stable than a Pungo, which slices over waves. In the case of a mishap, a Perception kayak can be paddled and safely stored in the vehicle. In addition to Perception kayaks, the company also sells the Dagger, Caper, and Encore.

The Sierra is slightly smaller than the Acadia, but its cockpit is enormous and has no top. This kayak plows through the water with ease, and it tracks well. It’s also lightweight enough to carry an average-sized adult. This makes it a good choice for beginners or more experienced paddlers. However, it may not be the best choice for someone with less experience.

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