t pod fish finder

T Pod Fish Finder

If you are a fisherman who likes to go out on the open water, you may be interested in the T Pod Fish Finder. It is a wireless, portable device that you can throw from shore or cast behind your boat. It uses Wi-Fi technology to track fish. Its unique shape allows you to track the movement of fish at speeds of 5mph. It also uses Wi-Fi technology to find the location of fish. fly fishing kayaks

The T-Pod is compatible with IOS and Android devices. It has its own WiFi hotspot and can transmit up to 100 yards in any direction. You can even share this hotspot with multiple people. Its lithium-ion battery has a lifetime of four hours and can be recharged 500 times. Users can also use the T-Pod’s app to zoom in on a previous path or hear an alarm when a fish is detected.

Another great feature is its SonarPhone App. This app is designed to be user-friendly, though some users have complained about the complexity of its menus and functions on the smaller screens. With a larger screen, you can view and zoom on any area of the water. It can also set alarms if fish cross over the T-POD. The T-POD is a great tool for fishermen who want to keep track of everything and save money.

This transducer is one of the most important parts of a fish finder. It collects underwater information and sends it to the user’s mobile device. The Vexilar SonarPhone T-Pod also doubles as a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to view underwater fish on a compatible smartphone. The app is available for iOS and Android users. Unlike some other transducers, the T-Pod’s app is compatible with a wide range of devices and can be downloaded from the internet.

The Vexilar SP100 SonarPhone With Transducer Pod was introduced in 2013 and is a versatile device. It can be cast from shore or pulled by a boat. It also allows you to view the bottom contour of the water surface and the water depth. The SonarPhone SP100 is compatible with iOS and Android. It is an excellent choice for boating and ice fishing. You can download the app from the App Store.