Topwater Kayaks – Size, Price, and Fishing Features

how much are topwater kayaks

When it comes to purchasing a new topwater kayak, there are a lot of features to consider. You’ll want to check out the size, price, and Fishing features of each model. Here are some topwater kayaks that are worth considering. These kayaks are great for those who want a combination of performance and stability. This kayak has the DoubleU hull, which makes it ultra-stable. It also features a stand-up fishing platform for comfort and stability.

Old Town’s double U-hull design

The looksha 17 is one of Old Town’s topwater kayaks for expedition style paddling. This double-U-hulled sea kayak is an homage to the Necky classic and provides ample storage space for camping equipment and food. Made from rotomolded polyethylene, it is durable enough to withstand rough landings. Its design is another necky legacy, as it is also a tandem kayak.

The Topwater 120’s DoubleU hull design pushes the volume to the outside of the hull, which enhances stability. The deep channels that run down the keel improve efficiency. A sharp entry with a wide bow keeps you tracking over the waves. It is perfect for fishing hollow-body frogs and small bass. The double-U hull design also makes the kayak easier to carry.

The Oldtown Topwater 120 topwater kayak is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Its design is both stable and maneuverable. This kayak is made specifically for use in ponds and creeks, so it can scoot over shoals and cattails. Whether you’re looking for an affordable and durable kayak, you’ll find it with Old Town.

The Sorrento model mimics a touring kayak, with a retractable keel and drop-down skeg. Old Town also makes a range of kayaks with single and triple-layer polyethylene. The old-town castine and the Vapor angler have molded-in rod holders. They also have an anchor trolley system that allows you to adjust the length of the anchor when it is deployed.

Aside from making stand-on-top fishing kayaks, Old Town also makes a range of sit-on-top fishing kayaks. These are basically recreational kayaks that have been tricked out with fishing-specific features. The Sportsman series is one example of an entry-level sit-on-top fishing kayak. The Sportsman model comes equipped with a standard electric 12V trolling motor and optional electric motor. Old Town also includes a patented FlexDrive pedal system that retracts the propeller when it collides with underwater obstacles.


The Topwater 120 Fishing Kayak is the perfect blend of large fishing kayak performance and nimbleness. Its ultra-stable DoubleU Hull makes for a stable stand-up fishing platform. The Topwater 120 features a patented DoubleU Hull that is designed to be lightweight, yet extremely stable. It is one of the most popular fishing kayaks on the market today. The price of a Topwater 120 Fishing Kayak depends on its type and features.

The Topwater 120 Fishing Kayak from Old Town features a DoubleU hull for maximum stability and maneuverability on flat water. It features three rod holders and ample storage for tackle. This topwater fishing kayak comes with EVA foam deck pads for traction and comfort. It is equipped with a universal transducer mounting system, which allows most fish finders to be mounted securely on the hull. The Old Town Topwater 120 is made of high-quality materials and comes with an extensive warranty.

The Topwater 120 Kayak is easy to maneuver and features three flush mount rod holders. The location of the holders is perfect. Others are hard to reach, but these are positioned perfectly and don’t impede paddling motion. The rod holders are mounted on the right side of the kayak and on the gunnel, so you’ll find it easy to reach them. The topwater 120 also has a convenient dry storage hatch in the forward compartment.

The Topwater 120 is the most popular topwater fishing kayak on the market. It weighs 82 lbs. (37 kg), which is significantly heavier than the Pelican Covert 120 Angler. However, it still comes with built-in handles and a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs. That makes it an excellent choice for stand-up fishing in calm waters. If you want to spend as little as possible, consider the Old Town Topwater 120 Kayak.


A topwater kayak is an excellent choice for fishing in small bodies of water, but they are not suitable for long distances. For these conditions, a bigger, sleeker model may be best. However, smaller kayaks can still be good for fishing. You can choose a topwater that is a bit smaller than the one you need for long distances. Read on to find out more about different sizes of topwater kayaks.

A great example of a topwater kayak is the Old Town Topwater 120. This fishing kayak is built with stability in mind and a flat deck for stand-up fishing. It is also available with rigging accessories from several manufacturers. These kayaks are expected to be available for dealers in the summer of 2018.

When choosing a topwater kayak, you need to decide what features are most important to you. A rudder is a must-have feature. Some topwater models are equipped with a rudder, while others don’t. Most importantly, a topwater kayak should be easy to steer in a moderate wind. A topwater kayak with a rudder will give you an edge over other types of fishing kayaks.

A topwater kayak can be a lightweight and easy to carry vehicle. Its size and width make it easy to transport by using a truck bed or a roof rack. The Old Town Topwater is about 10 feet six inches long and 36 inches wide. It weighs 100 pounds fully outfitted and is capable of standing and fishing. Its unique design provides ample space for rod holders and other fishing accessories. It also comes with a crate.

Fishing features

A topwater kayak is an excellent option for anglers who want to take their fishing experience to a whole new level. Its double U hull offers stability and speed while allowing plenty of room for a stand-up fishing position. Old Town, one of the oldest paddlesports companies, offers a variety of fishing kayak models that include many features for anglers to take advantage of. These kayaks also come with rigging accessories and are infinitely customizable.

The Topwater 120 is a good example of a fishing kayak. It has three flush mount rod holders. They are situated perfectly for anglers to easily place their fishing rods without hindering their paddle action. The two front-facing rod holders are positioned on the gunnel and on the right side of the kayak. There are also extra-large stern tank wells and a dry storage hatch on the forward compartment.

Other features that are beneficial to anglers include a forward/reverse pedal drive, oversized stern tank, and molded-in rod holders. The Topwater 120 PDL kayak is a great upgrade from the 106 PDL. These kayaks are designed for easy maneuverability in small bodies of water. The pontoon hull improves stability and provides both primary and secondary stability. It also makes the kayak more comfortable to use, thereby improving its fishing experience.

In addition to its stability and comfort, topwater kayaks also come with adjustable seats. Many pedal kayaks come with a standing platform on the deck. These can also be adjusted to sit higher or lower, which can improve your casting and overall comfort while sight fishing. In addition, you can get a three-hull wiring kit and a universal transducer mount. And if you’re an angler who’s always on the move, you’ll appreciate the ease and convenience of pedal-powered kayaks.


If you want a stand-up fishing kayak that doesn’t cost a fortune, there are several excellent options out there. The Old Town Topwater 120 is one such option. The double-U hull provides primary stability and maneuverability while balancing speed and stability. The topwater’s elevated seat and wide deck make standing easier and encourages fishing on calm water. The boat’s Universal Transducer Mount makes adding a fish finder a snap.

In the Topwater 120, for example, you’ll find three rod holders, one forward-facing and two in the stern. The kayak’s oversized stern tank well provides ample space for rod and tackle storage. It also comes with three rod holders and thoughtfully placed onboard tackle storage. This topwater kayak is the perfect choice for a beginner’s fishing trip. You’ll find it hard to beat its affordability and excellent quality.

The PDL drive system allows you to pedal forward with ease and easily return to a reversible position. The PDL system is also maintenance-free and is capable of handling saltwater. The Topwater 120 PDL includes three flush mount rod holds, a transducer mount, and paddle storage. The boat also features an EVA foam deck for added comfort and safety. A Topwater 120 PDL is priced at $2149.

In addition to the flush mount rod holders, the Topwater 120 is equipped with three adjustable seat belts. They are positioned in an ideal position so that you can paddle freely while holding the rods. The rod holders are located on the gunnel and on the right side of the kayak. Whether you plan to fish from the kayak or not, the three flush mount rod holders will help you enjoy the experience. Its unique design and features will impress your fishing buddies.

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