waht does nm mean on fish finders

What Does NM Mean on Fish Finders?

When you use a fish finder, it’s important to understand the meaning of nm and how it affects the accuracy of the fish-finding. The nm value refers to the distance that a fish can be located by using its sonar waves. The fish finder will show the shape of a fish based on its distance to the transducer. Generally, a bigger arch means a bigger fish. humminbird fish finders on sale

Some fish finders are in color, while others have a grayscale, or black and white display. Color is closely related to the strength of the echo return. The stronger the echo, the darker the fish finder display will be. Similarly, some fish finders only display their results at high speeds.

The sonar plot can also show you the structure of the bottom. You need to have a high-power sonar and appropriate frequency to see this information. A sonar plot will also show you if there are any fish in the water. If the sonar is sensitive enough, a fish will appear as a light spot to the right of the camera flash.

Down imaging is a good feature to look for if you’re in deeper waters. It’s better for viewing fish in deeper water and is also more accurate in detecting vegetation and structure. It also gives you more control over the image you see. For instance, you can use a down imaging fish finder to narrow the beam or scan broadly for fish.

Often, anglers don’t consider frequency when choosing a fish finder. However, it’s important to understand that the higher the frequency, the more detailed the images will be. Similarly, low-frequency devices cover a wider depth, but they have lower-quality images.

Another useful feature to look for is depth gauges. This feature helps you know how deep you are, which is useful when you’re trying to find a specific species of fish. Some species of fish prefer warm water, while others thrive in cooler temperatures. These depth gauges will help you observe different environments and determine whether the fish you’re looking for are in an environment that’s suitable for their size and species.

The nm value refers to the distance to the fish that can be identified from the images of the fish finder. In other words, the higher the number, the deeper you can expect to locate the fish. If you’re looking for a bigger fish, look for a fish finder with a higher Nm value.