What Are Current Designs Kayaks All About?

what are curreny design kayaks

If you are looking for a new kayak for performance touring, or even just for day tripping, then you should know what Current Designs kayaks are all about. Below you will find information about the Squall performance touring kayak, Isle day tripping kayak, and Breeze performance touring kayak.

Current Designs’ curreny design kayaks

Current Designs’ kayaks are renowned for their comfort, quality construction, and innovative features. The company was founded in British Columbia in the late 1970s, and their early production kayaks were lightweight, composite models. Now, however, they have broadened their product line to include all kinds of kayaks for everyone, from beginners to experienced paddlers. The current range includes everything from ultralight composite kayaks to rugged rotomolded plastic touring kayaks.

Current Designs’ kayaks are durable and classic, and will never go out of style. Their smooth composite hulls glide like a dream and respond to your paddle strokes. The current lineup of kayaks includes three different styles – recreational, transitional, and day-touring.

Current Designs offers a wide range of kayaks for different levels of paddlers, from recreational kayaks for the first-time paddler to high-performance Scandinavian models that are perfect for rafting. If you want to try a kayak that doesn’t cost too much, the Squamish British touring kayak costs only $1200. It also has a high-performance Libra XT model with a price tag of $4600.

The current Designs Isle is a very well-made boat that has a lot of storage capacity for touring. It tracks well, even with the skeg down, and its foot braces are very user-friendly. The current Designs Isle models are relatively light for a full-sized boat, but they are very rugged to avoid damage and wear. They are excellent day-touring kayaks.

Squall is a performance touring kayak

The Squall is the sister model of the popular Storm. Both are performance touring kayaks that can easily handle extended trips. The Squall GTS features a rotomolded hull with a rudder as standard. The hull shape draws on the updates made to the Solstice family in 2012. The Squall GTS combines efficiency with excellent handling to create an impressively fun kayak for long trips. The Squall also features an adjustable seat back and a user-friendly keyhole cockpit.

The Squall GTS features a two-lid system that provides greater watertightness than its predecessor. The lid also features UV-protective polyethylene and features hidden rudder haul cables. The Squall GTS is a great performer in calm waters, but has a little trouble in rough seas.

Current Designs manufactures composite and rotomoulded polyethylene kayaks. These kayaks come in British and North American styles. The Storm and Squall have rudders while the Sirocco and Gulfstream have skegs. While the Storm GT is now discontinued, the Squall GTS is still available. The Squall GTS is slightly smaller than the Storm GT.

Isle is a day tripping kayak

The Isle is a supersized Greenland style day trip kayak that is comparable to Solstice GT Titan and provides an alternate design to the more common North American style of kayaks. Its design allows for good paddling, rolling, and edging characteristics and comes standard with thigh braces.

Breeze is a performance touring kayak

If you are planning to buy a performance touring kayak, then you must choose the right style. There are several models available in the market, including the Breeze. These kayaks can be used for fishing, relaxing, and recreation. A performance touring kayak is a versatile vessel, which has multiple uses.

It is a good choice for touring with lots of gear. This performance touring kayak is equipped with a rudder for maximum control. It is available in both single and double configurations. If you’re looking for a performance touring kayak for day trips, Current Design makes the Breeze, which is a versatile day tripper-style kayak. Its size makes it ideal for outdoor photographers, bird watchers, and people who want to have a good time in a boat.

The Breeze is an outstanding performance touring kayak. It is 13′ 6″ long and 25″ wide and is well suited for beginners as well as experienced paddlers. It is a comfortable boat that can handle flat water as well as rough conditions. Its shallow-V hull design offers tremendous secondary stability.

Squall is made of Aramid composites

Aramid composites are a class of synthetic fibers that offer unique properties. They are commonly used in armor, clothing, and other applications. Kevlar is the most famous of these materials, but there are other types of Aramid as well. You can also find Aramid under other names, including Nomex and Twaron.

Aramid fibers have a compressive strength range of 96 GPa to 186 GPa, making them stiffer than glass fiber composites or carbon fiber composites. They also have a negative thermal expansion coefficient, making them good insulators. As a result, Aramid is often used in aircraft and motor sports. Its durability and stiffness make it a popular choice for aerospace structures.

One of the most notable advantages of Aramid is its low density. It has a density of 1.3 g/cm3, which is about a third lighter than steel and aluminum. Moreover, it is also 20 percent lighter than carbon fibers. Aramid fibers can be used in high-tech applications because they are flame-resistant and resistant to high temperatures.

Double Vision is a sporty rotomolded kayak

If you’re looking for a sporty rotomolded kayak, the Double Vision is a solid choice. It offers high tracking and stability, a wider beam for increased storage, and a rudder for increased control. The Double Vision also features a sleek, slender entry for better maneuverability and a cleaner entry.

This sporty rotomolded kayak has plenty of room for gear and features a keyhole cockpit. It also has excellent glide and tracking, and comes with optional skegs for better tracking. It is very light weight and features a kevlar skeg system, which improves tracking capabilities.

Solara 120 is a rotomolded kayak

The Solara 120 is a high-quality recreational rotomolded kayak designed for medium to large paddlers. Its wide, open cockpit allows paddlers to easily get in and out. The cockpit is also large enough to accommodate a small-to-midsize canine companion. The kayak has durable polyethylene construction, a height-adjustable backrest, and a tilting seat pan for added comfort. It also boasts plenty of storage space.