What Are Kayaks Young Driver Rates?

what are kayaks young driver rates

You may be wondering: what are Kayaks young driver rates? There are several factors that determine car rental prices, so it’s important to be flexible with pick-up and drop-off locations. You may also want to consider alternative transportation, especially if you plan to rent a car at an airport. Kayak shows you the final price of your car rental before you reserve it, which other booking providers don’t always show.


Kayak is known for its airfare metasearch, but it has a decent car rental product as well. With Kayak, you can search many car rental agencies in one search, and even get surprise offers that will lower your overall rental cost. There are also some interesting filter options, like the ability to pay at the counter and only see hybrid vehicles.

Car rental companies

If you’re under the age of 25, you may qualify for a fee waiver from many car rental companies. For example, if you are a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, you can get a fee waiver from car rental companies such as Hertz and Budget. However, some car rental companies may charge a higher fee for young drivers. If this is the case, make sure you ask for a waiver.

There are several factors that determine car rental rates. One of the most important factors is age. If you are under 25, you can still get a rental car with young driver rates from most rental companies. These include the age of the driver, the type of rental car, and where the vehicle is located. If you are under 25, you can still get a rental car for cheap if you have your own car or plan to rent one with another driver.

In late February, Kayak searched car rental rates to see how far they had risen from pre-pandemic levels. It found that the average rental price during spring break was $76 per day, up 54 percent from last year and 60 percent from the pre-pandemic norm. The travel app Hopper reported rates as high as $83 per day last week, up 19 percent from the same time period in 2021.

Young drivers under 25 can also rent cars for free when they have a valid driver’s license and credit card. However, they must have sufficient credit on their credit card to cover the rental and any additional services. However, procuring a credit card can be a difficult process, especially if you’re under age. Young renters can also find it hard to pay with debit cards, as they are often restricted in terms of what can and cannot be done.

While Kayak is best known for its airfare metasearch, they also offer a good car rental service. Their service searches several car rental agencies for you. They advertise themselves as “surprise agencies” and offer some unique options, such as the ability to pay at the counter or choose only hybrid cars.

Young driver fees

You can avoid paying young driver fees at kayaks by becoming a member of AAA. This membership provides a discount on car rentals for those under 25, and many car rental companies also waive this fee for members. You can also inquire with your credit card company about fee schedules for young drivers, which may help you avoid paying the fee.

Renting a car is not cheap. Many companies charge a young driver fee (also called an under 25 fee) to cover the additional risks that young drivers pose. According to multiple studies, young drivers have higher accident rates than other drivers, and this fee helps the rental company compensate for that risk. The fee can be anywhere from $19 to $57 per day, and you may even need to pay additional taxes.

In addition to paying an additional fee for being under 25, you should be aware of any other special requirements that may apply to you. For example, young drivers must be licensed to drive and must have a valid license. However, some car rental companies may waive this fee if you are a military member, a student, or a business traveler.

You can avoid these extra fees by making sure to get proper insurance before renting a car. Many car rental companies charge young drivers a young driver surcharge that can amount to hundreds of dollars, even if your driving record is excellent. Some car rental companies may not even accept young drivers. To avoid paying extra fees, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the rental company before you make a decision.