What Can I Use to Carry Kayaks on Top of My Camper Shell?

what can i use to carry kayaks on top of my camper shell

If you have a truck, you can install a single cross bar vertically behind the tailgate of your truck to carry your kayaks. This allows you to store the kayaks in the bed of your truck while transporting them. This is a great way to keep kayaks secure, as well as save bed space for camping gear. Here are some other ideas to carry kayaks on top of your truck.

Yakima long arm

If you’re in the market for a rack to carry your canoes or kayaks on top of your camper shell, you should check out the Yakima LongArm. This rack extends four feet beyond the bed of your truck. It weighs twelve and a half pounds, is made of sturdy aluminum, and is compatible with other Yakima accessories. This rack is particularly useful for kayaks, since you can tie them to the bumper or hitch.

A Yakima LongArm kayak rack is made from sturdy aluminum and is powder-coated to protect your boat from dents and scratches. It features built-in tie-down points and an integrated bottle opener to make loading and unloading kayaks a breeze. If you’re traveling with your kayak, the integrated bottle opener can come in handy! The rack also features a locking system and a lockable handle.

Another great option for transporting kayaks on top of a camper shell is the Yakima LongArm Truck Bed Extender. Its high weight capacity means that it can hold two kayaks. This extender also has a bright red flag that can warn other drivers if you’re hauling a kayak. Using this rack also frees up space in the back of your vehicle, so you’ll have more room to pack more.

Another way to transport a kayak on top of a camper shell is to use a Yakima BigCatch kayak cradle. These cradles can support up to 150 pounds. This rack can be mounted to different frames or crossbars, and comes in different colors. However, this rack is not suitable for every camper shell, and you should make sure to get one that’s perfect for your needs.

When you’re ready to use your Yakima LongArm to carry kayaks on top of your camper shell, you can use the racks provided by Yakima. The racks for kayaks and canoes are made of aluminum and have a range of adjustments. They’re also compatible with the SkyRise HD 3 tent. The Yakima Long Arm can be used for a wide variety of kayak saddles.

Yakima xsporter telescoping lumber rack

There are many different types of kayak racks for your vehicle. If you want to carry a kayak on top of a camper shell, you need one of these Yakima products. These racks are easy to use and install. You don’t have to drill holes in your vehicle to use them, and they come in different colors. The Yakima Xsporter telescoping lumber rack for carrying kayaks on top of camper shells is a good choice because it features adjustable load stops and a durable aluminum design.

This Yakima rack features heavy-duty straps for securing your kayak. Its stern and bow tie-downs prevent your kayak from sliding off the rack. It also features a powder-coated finish for extra durability. This rack can fit several kayaks on the top of a camper shell, and it is designed to fit SVUs and trucks with Yakima truck racks. It is ideal for camping trips as it frees up your truck bed for your camping gear and kayaks.

You can buy a telescoping lumber rack for your truck to carry your kayaks on top of your camper shell for easy access. These racks are very easy to install and disassemble. They are also durable and can withstand weights of up to 50 pounds. This rack is not for the inexperienced, however. It is also safe and easy to install.

This rack is very durable and comes with railings installed in the truck’s bed. Its over-cab extension can be extended to 53.5 inches, while the sidebar extensions can be adjusted to any height between five and ninety inches. Another great feature is its built-in front rope hook, which allows you to tie your kayaks on the front rope hook. The bracket bar is unique and reinforced with bolts for a secure grip.


Those who own open truck beds can mount a Thule Xsporter Pro to transport kayaks on the top of their camper shells. This rack comes with adjustable load-bearing crossbars that can be lowered under the cab for easier access or raised for more convenient fishing trips. The Thule Xsporter Pro is made of durable aluminum and includes load-stoppers for easy adjustment.

The X39 kayak rack comes with railings that install on the truck bed. The rack also features a cab extension that extends vertically from 45 to 53.5 inches. This extension provides the framework for the entire rack, and it has a built-in rope hook so that kayaks can be tied down. The X39 rack also features a unique bracket bar with a tight grip reinforced with bolts.

Some people may prefer the traditional aluminum kayak rack, but it can be cumbersome to store and transport multiple kayaks. Steel kayak trailers are popular and affordable, but they do not have a front portion. They are also significantly heavier than their aluminum counterparts. However, steel kayak racks are extremely durable and sturdy. If you have a truck with a wide bed, you might be able to accommodate a third kayak.

The Xsporter to carry kayaks on the top of camper shells offers two ways to secure the kayak on top of the camper. One option is to use a conventional saddle, which has a higher mounting point for the kayak. However, this is not recommended for fast or high-speed transport, and it requires two people to load the kayak. Another option is a lift assisted kayak rack, which can be used with a car with a crossbar.

Another option is to attach the kayak to a sling rack. The straps must be long enough to accommodate the kayak. Make sure the kayak strap loops under the crossbar or the side rails. The kayak should not slide. If the kayak straps are long enough, they will not slide through the vehicle. Lastly, the kayak should be secured using the Xsporter’s tie-down system.

Yakima yak trailer

If you have a wide camper shell, a Yakima yak trailer will be the perfect choice to carry kayaks on top of it. The yak trailer comes with a rack that will extend over the cab and can be secured to the rear of the vehicle with a hitch. The racks have a convenient rear saddle that can be easily removed or replaced with a felt lined one. The raised x-bar rail will also allow you to install a ladder rack extension to help secure the kayaks on the trailer.

There are many benefits to using a Yakima yak trailer to carry kayak on top of a camper shell. A Yakima roundbar system is a great way to maximize the space in your camper shell for other gear. The yak trailer will also allow you to transport your bicycle and storage box. You can also store other items in your car without having to worry about them slipping off.

A Yakima yak trailer is another great way to transport kayaks. The Yakima yak trailer will hold two kayaks vertically at the back of the camper shell, so you won’t have to worry about maneuvering a trailer while you’re fishing. It also eliminates the hassle of towing the kayak trailer, and costs the same as a good kayak trailer.

If you’re looking for a kayak trailer, consider the EXTEND A TRUCK rack system. The yak trailer can extend vertically behind the tailgate and the cab of your truck. Once the rack is set up, the kayaks can be stored on top of the truck, with the rear crossbar serving as a ramp. A Yakima yak trailer has helpful assistant tools to help you set it up.

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