what does ci mean on fish finders

What Does CI Mean on Fish Finders?

Many anglers don’t think frequency is a big deal. However, a higher frequency fish finder will show greater detail and work at various speeds. On the other hand, a lower frequency fish finder covers a wider area but will deliver a lower-quality image. lowrance fish finders

The frequency at which fish finders transmit and receive sonar waves is very important. Higher frequencies are better for deep water and professional use. However, if you’re looking for a general deep-water fish finder, you’ll want to stick to lower frequencies. These are less powerful, and may not be as accurate.

CHIRP sonar uses a high-frequency pulse to detect fish. This allows it to detect tiny fish such as tuna, which don’t show up on traditional fish finders. With CHIRP technology, however, a tuna may appear on the screen briefly and disappear again.

Color displays have become a common feature of electronics, including fish finders. This allows for the display to display information more clearly. Additionally, a color screen makes it easier to read information from the transducer and makes the information more understandable. Additionally, a color screen is easier to see in bright sunlight or cloudy weather.