What Happened to Elie Kayaks?

what happened to elie kayaks

If you’re wondering, “What happened to Elie Kayaks?” you’ve come to the right place. Elie kayaks have been recalled for some models. In this article we’ll discuss the recall and what you can do if you own one of these kayaks. Also, we’ll cover a new feature that you can add to your Elie kayak: a bulkhead. Adding a bulkhead is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Recall of some Elie kayaks

The Elie kayak is a Swedish-style, V-shaped hard chined design that features serious rocker along the keel line. This design should give you maximum stability and speed, but it also offers a good degree of maneuverability. The Elie kayak is equipped with a detachable keel extension, which is very useful, as the end of the line is the weakest area and is therefore susceptible to wear and tear.

The cockpit of the Elie kayaks is roomy and offers easy entry even for taller paddlers. Its ergonomic seat and adjustable foot pegs are designed to accommodate the needs of larger paddlers. The cockpit is padded with perforated closed cell foam that takes time to dry. Its backrest is adjustable for height and angle, and stays in position during entry and exit. Some owners have reported experiencing severe backaches and other discomfort while paddling in Elie kayaks.

Recall of some Elie Sound 120 XE kayaks

The Sound 120 XE sit-inside kayak is a beginner-friendly kayak with the perfect blend of price, performance, and comfort. It has an open cockpit that measures more than 50 inches in length and a 23-inch wide opening, making it easy to enter and exit without a problem for larger paddlers. Its shallow-V hull and 28-inch beam provide impregnable stability, even on the edge. Elie Poly-XR material makes this kayak easy to store and paddle.

Some Elie Kayaks have a rudder, which has an easy-to-install rudder. The rudder is simple to install and controls with the footrests sliding into a rail. A quick glance at a recalled kayak will allow you to determine if it has the problem or not. Affected models have been replaced. Elie Kayaks are currently selling for about $230, which is not expensive.

A typical Elie Kayak has a symmetrical shape and is comfortable and spacious for large paddlers. The deck is ergonomically designed and includes thigh braces for additional support. A recessed ergonomic seat and adjustable foot pegs make entry and exit easier. The seat is padded with perforated closed cell foam, which will take a long time to dry out after usage. The keel extension is also removable, reducing the risk of a leakage or a ruined kayak.

Adding a bulkhead to elie kayaks

Adding a bulkhead to an Elie kayak can help protect it in rough waters. A front bulkhead can be useful for storing small items. However, this feature is traditionally not found on 12-foot rec kayaks. Adding a bulkhead will also integrate the bow flotation system. Here are some of the pros and cons of adding a bulkhead to your Elie kayak. Read on to learn more!

Adding a bulkhead to your elie kayak will give it better flotation. It can also be useful when you need to correct your sit-inside kayak after a capsize. While this may not be an option for everyone, it is a good investment to ensure safety and convenience while paddling. It will also make it easier to remove water from your kayak. If you’re planning to add a bulkhead to your kayak, make sure it’s water-tight.

When adding a bulkhead to an elie kayak, you have the option to choose a larger bulkhead or a smaller, more expensive bulkhead. Both have their pros and cons. Bulkheads tend to be safer and less likely to flood, but they can make it harder to right if flooded. However, an integrated cockpit is easier to right when flooded, while bulkheads can make it impossible.

While you may have concerns about adding a bulkhead to your elie kayak, you should be aware that some of them have bulkhead options. Some bulkheads are removable and easy to install. This allows you to store it when not in use. Other kayaking accessories may be necessary as well. While you don’t have to add a bulkhead to your elie kayak, it is always better to buy the right bulkhead for your needs.

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