What Happened to Elie Kayaks?

what happened to elie kayaks

If you are wondering what happened to Elie Kayaks, you are not alone. This kayaking company was founded by Elie Wiesel. It has been in business for over twenty years and sold some of the most popular kayaks on the market. The Sprint, Elie, and Pelican are some of the most popular models. You can find more information on their website.

Pelican Kayaks

Pelican has a rich history in producing self-propelled watercraft. It started with pedal boats and later moved into the paddlecraft market. Their kayaks are known for their beginner-friendly design. Many are made of RAM-X rotomolded plastic, which is a durable yet slippery material that can withstand some abuse.

Pelican Kayaks have a reputation for being cheaper and simpler than their competitors. They are also prone to a number of problems, which include broken foot braces in sit-inside models. Foot braces are important because they allow you to stand up and propel the kayak easier. They can also be jammed by debris or broken by damage to the plastic.

Another benefit of the Elie kayak is its cockpit, which is roomy and offers easy access to big paddlers. It also has ergonomic seating for easy entry and exit. In addition, it has a bottle and cup holder in the center. The rudder can be controlled using footrests that slide into the rail.


The Sprint on Elie kayaks offers a comfortable and roomy cockpit. This kayak features an Ergoflex seating system and knee and foot pads. The backrest adjusts to accommodate your changing posture as you paddle. The kayak also features a lifeline and adjustable footrests. You can also adjust the height of the seat and the padded thigh braces.

Modern sprint kayaks are made from composite materials that are stronger and lighter than wood. The rudder is made of steel. They are expensive and not recommended for moderate waves. The beam is just wide enough for a paddler’s hips, and they are narrow and long to reduce drag.


While Elie kayaks are not known for their performance, their design is well-suited to the demands of most kayakers. The hull is shaped like a traditional Swedish V with significant rocker along the keel line. This combination of features should guarantee stability, speed, and straight-tracking abilities. They also feature a detachable keel extension. This is an important feature because the end of the kayak is one of the most susceptible to wear when you drag it on the ground.

Today, Elie kayaks are selling for about $230, which isn’t expensive by any means. The brand is named after Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who passed away at the age of 87. Wiesel had two older sisters and a younger sister, Tzipora.

Thankfully, the rudder in Elie kayaks is a simple and cheap repair compared to the hull of most other kayaks. You can replace it with a new one if the rudder gets damaged, and the XE version is equipped with a rudder. The rudder assembly is of high quality and very easy to install. The footrests slide into a rudder rail, enabling the paddler to control the boat’s direction.

Elie Wiesel

The Elie Wiesel kayaks honor the life of this great writer and humanitarian. Wiesel was born in the small town of Sighet in Transylvania in 1928 and lived through the Holocaust as a child. He grew up in an area where people of different religions and languages lived together for centuries. Despite this, the country often changed hands during the 20th century.

Wiesel was assigned to New York in 1956 as a correspondent for an Israeli newspaper. While crossing the street, he was hit by a taxi, causing him to be hospitalized for months. Until the age of 18, Wiesel was a stateless person and was unable to obtain a US passport. He later became a legal resident of New York and obtained an American passport.

Wiesel kayaks feature Wiesel’s own words and thoughts about his travels. The kayaks were designed to carry his journal, as well as the food and supplies that he needed for his journey. He also packed flare guns and ancient shaman’s stones. He then paddled across Canada and dragged his kayak across a sled into Alaska.

Recall of elie kayaks

The manufacturer of the Elie kayak is recalling some models because of a safety issue. The hull of an Elie kayak is designed with serious rocker, which ensures speed, stability, and maneuverability. It also features a detachable keel extension, which protects the end of the keel line from damage during transport.

The Elie kayak cockpit offers plenty of room for larger paddlers and is ergonomically designed to accommodate taller paddlers. Adjustable foot pegs and a comfortable seat are also available. The seat is padded with perforated closed cell foam, which dries slowly after being wet. A backrest that keeps you in place during entry is also an appealing feature. However, some customers have complained about backaches after stepping into the kayak.

The Sound 120 XE is an excellent beginner’s kayak. It offers the right balance between price and performance. Its spacious, open cockpit is more than fifty inches long and 23 inches wide. It has a shallow-V hull and a 28-inch beam. Eli Poly-XR material makes it easier to maneuver and stabilize the kayak.

XE version

The XE version of the Elie kayak offers improved ergonomics, comfort, and durability. Its design incorporates a padded seat with adjustable foot pegs and thigh braces. The ergonomic seat design prevents hot spots while paddling and supports the thighs for extended periods of time.

The XE version of the Elie kayak features an additional day hatch and a dry bag behind the cockpit. However, there is a minor disadvantage to the XE version: the day hatch has a screw type cover that needs to be positioned along the thread of the rim in order to close. This means that the dry bag will hang inside the rim when the hatch is closed, which can be a challenge if you’re not balance-conscious.

The XE version of Elie kayaks offers a more stable, faster ride. The XE hull also has more rigidity than the other versions. This makes it easier to maneuver.

Ergoflex seating system

The Ergoflex seating system on Elie kayaks provides maximum comfort and prevents thigh fatigue. It features adjustable footrests, an easy-access hinged bow hatch, and a bungee-system stern storage platform. It also has a keel extension and two ergonomic carrying handles. It also comes with a Fluid Steering System rudder and a Scotty swivel rod holder.

Aside from offering superior comfort, Elie kayaks also offer unparalleled durability. This is achieved by cutting production cycle times to a minimum, allowing the company to produce 10 times more kayaks at a lower cost. These savings are passed along to the customer. Another great feature of Elie kayaks is their Ergoflex seating system, which features ergonomically designed backrest and seat. The seat is padded and breathable, eliminating hot spots and supporting the thigh area on long trips.

Another feature of the Ergoflex seating system is its adjustable backrest. The backrest also features a perforated foam panel, which helps the body stay cooler. The seat itself is EVA-padded and is grooved to trail off the water. The seat allows leg stretching and shifting, and is equipped with carry handles for easy transport and tying off.

Retractable rudder

Using a retractable rudder is a good way to make the most of your kayaking experience. It allows you to steer with greater control than you otherwise would. You can also change the rudder’s direction and angle with the push of a pedal. Depending on your personal preferences, you can get a paddle with a retractable rudder, or a rudder without a blade.

If you’re looking to purchase a rudder for your kayak, the first step is to determine whether it’s compatible with your current model. You’ll need to consult the user manual that came with your kayak to determine the proper installation process. In most cases, rudders can be installed on your kayak without a professional, but you’ll want to make sure that you’re aware of any specific requirements for your particular model.

Elie’s retractable rudders are made of lightweight composite materials that are reinforced with fibreglass for increased stiffness. The system offers increased manoeuvrability and control, and it’s made for the long haul. The retractable rudder is also easy to install and remove, and it’s removable using a quick-lock hatch. Many people choose this style because it offers many benefits.