What Happened to Heritage Kayaks?

You may have heard about the company that was once known as Heritage Kayaks, but have you wondered what happened to them? If so, you’re not alone. The company’s website has been redesigned and is now a valuable resource for customers. You can find information about their kayaks, where to paddle, and who makes them. We’ve been looking for answers to this question for a long time. pedal kayaks for fishing

The company made quality fishing kayaks for many years and had a reputation for producing a good product. It sold kayaks for beginners and professionals alike. The FeatherLite line is the cheapest model, starting at under $700. But we have heard complaints about the quality of the seats, weathercocking, and even the fact that the rudders in FeatherLite models didn’t fit properly. But the good news is that many Heritage kayak owners are happy with their kayaks.

As an entry-level recreational kayak, the FeatherLite series from Heritage is a great choice. It features a spacious cockpit with adjustable foot braces and an integrated rod holder. There’s also a rear storage hatch with a bungee cord for fishing gear. The DVC seating system is another unique feature of this kayak. It also has built-in flotation and a molded skeg for stability.