What Type of Kayaks Does Bilrmore Use?

what type of kayaks does bilrmore use

If you’ve ever wondered how the people at the Biltmore Estate can go on these kayaking tours, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular types of kayaks, including Bellyaks, Riverboards, and SUPs. We’ll also talk about the benefits of each type of boat and which one would be best for you.


Bellyaks are a fun, versatile alternative to kayaking. They are designed to be paddled on your stomach, providing freedom from straps and a fun, different way to float downstream. You can ride on your stomach if you’re a beginner, kneel and stand when you get tired, or hop back on after you’ve finished paddling. You can also kneel and stand, just like you would with traditional kayaking, and hop back on the board quickly and easily.

Bellyaks are great for families who want to enjoy water sports in a new way. They are easy to transport and suitable for people of all levels and skill levels. Bellyyaks have been described as “the snowboard of kayaking.” They can be rented at local shops or purchased for use in the home. They are also popular with adaptive athletes. If you are interested in learning how to paddle a bellyyak, check out the website below.

Bellyaks are the only kayaks specifically designed for prone paddling. While paddling, you lie on your belly, using special gloves. The Bellyak is a completely different experience, allowing you to roll off and explore the water from a completely new perspective. In Asheville, a company founded by Adam Masters has created a kayak that will revolutionize the way watersport enthusiasts interact with their surroundings.

Paddle kayaks

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the water, you may want to rent a paddle kayak. There are many options for this activity, from paddling around the town to venturing out as far as the county. Here’s how to rent one and what you can expect from it. Here are a few other places where paddle kayaks are used in Bilrmore. Let’s get started!

French Broad Outfitters, located along the French Broad River in Asheville, NC, offers paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes. The outfitter offers certified instructors, who will help you gain the skills necessary to paddleboard safely and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The Biltmore tour takes you downriver while enjoying views of the Biltmore Estate. Another option is the River Arts District tour, which features the Biltmore Estate.

Bellyaks are another alternative to paddle kayaks. They’re shaped for paddling on your stomach, with paddles held in place by webbed gloves. This type of paddle board is comfortable for beginners, but more experienced paddlers can kneel, stand, and squirt similar to traditional kayaking. After paddling, simply hop back on the board to continue the fun. It’s that easy!

French Broad River runs through the Biltmore Estate, which is 7 miles long and flat. Rentals for paddle kayaks are available from French Broad Outfitters or the Asheville Outdoor Center. Rentals start at Bent Creek Park, where you can receive basic instruction and take a guided tour of the estate. A self-guided tour can be arranged if you want more flexibility. It’s a great way to see the estate and its surroundings from a unique perspective.


If you’ve never paddled before, a riverboard is similar to a surfboard, but without the fin on the bottom. Instead, a riverboard has a flat bottom and flippers that the paddler uses to maneuver the water. Invented in the 1980s, riverboards are popular for river rescue missions. Unlike traditional kayaks, riverboards allow the paddler to lie flat on the board and use the flippers to maneuver in the water.

Those interested in kayaking can rent a riverboard in Bilrmore, NC. The outfitters have ACA Level I SUP Instructors who are more than willing to answer any questions. There are several rental options at the Biltmore Outdoor Center, from beginners to experts. You can choose from the Biltmore River tour, which features a scenic float down the river and views of the Biltmore Estate from the air. A tour of the French Broad River is another popular choice.


Kayaks are usually made of polyethylene, but SUPs come in many different shapes and sizes. Each one has a different level of durability, but all can get through rough water. Some types are inflatable, which is the most common kind. They are often constructed of military-grade PVC and are therefore resistant to abrasion. On the other hand, hard SUPs are generally made of fiberglass or epoxy, and are therefore stronger and more durable.

While the performance of a SUP is higher than that of a kayak, you have to factor in the time it takes to set it up and launch it. If you are looking to spend less time on the water, an inflatable paddle board is the way to go. Inflatable paddle boards are also easier to transport and launch, so you can use them quickly when you’re on the go. There are several benefits to using an inflatable board, and one of them is that they’re less expensive.

When you first start paddleboarding, try balancing on a SUP by sitting in the middle, or in the middle. A common mistake is to assume that your seat should be in the center of the board. Instead, ask a friend to watch you while you paddle. If you notice that the board is tilting, level, or slightly raised, it’s time to adjust your seat position. This way, you won’t tip over.

As with any sport, an SUP requires core strength and balance. The main challenge of SUP paddleboarding is balancing on it. While the movements are easy to learn, it can take some time to develop the necessary arm strength. If you have a good core, you’ll be able to get a good workout while paddling on a SUP, while kayaking relies more on the upper body.


The Biltmore Estate offers guided kayaking trips to its guests. To access this activity, guests must purchase a daytime ticket or Biltmore Annual Pass, and stay at the Biltmore. If you want to explore the waterways in Bilrmore without a tour, you can rent canoes for the day. Then, you can take a guided tour with the estate’s staff.

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