what year did side imaging start for fish finders

What Year Did Side Imaging Start For Fish Finders?

Side imaging started in the early 2000s and is a popular feature of many fish finders today. It provides incredibly detailed images of underwater fish and water features. The process of side imaging requires the user to have confidence in their ability to read the returns. The Humminbird 900 side imaging series was introduced in 2005. fish finders for canoes

It was the first side imaging fish finder to be released on the market. The technology is now available in almost every brand and size. The concept of side imaging was a breakthrough in the fishing industry. Humminbird was the first company to introduce side imaging, and it was soon adopted by anglers.

Side imaging is a variation on traditional two-D sonar. It uses multiple frequencies at the same time to give anglers a clearer image and less water column noise. The technology also compensates for inconsistencies in target reflection. It changed the competitive landscape of fishing by giving anglers the ability to see on the side of their boat at idle speed. The technology also made it easier to find baitfish.