When Are Kayaks Cheaper?

When are kayaks cheaper? There are many times of year when kayaks are cheaper, and these include the off-season, Winter, Fall, and Memorial Day. Listed below are some of the best times to buy a kayak:


If you have been considering buying a kayak, but haven’t had the chance yet, you can save big on the purchase by buying your new craft during the winter months. Most retailers are offering discounts during this season due to dwindling inventories and lower demand. While the discounts are usually bigger during these times, you will have to compete with other buyers for the same selection. And don’t forget to factor in the fact that most kayaks go out of style during the winter months.

In addition to discounts, kayaks are also cheaper during the winter months than other times. If you don’t like the models available in your local store, you can try ordering a kayak custom-made by a kayak manufacturer. Of course, this won’t be included in your discount, but it will give you the advantage of receiving the kayak at a lower price. If you are looking for a particular model, you can also check out paddling trade shows. These events are the perfect opportunity to test out new models, check out expert advice from industry experts, and find kayaks at special sales prices.

If you want to buy a kayak in winter, check the weather reports and consider wearing warm, waterproof clothing. While waterproof outdoor pants can keep you dry and warm, they aren’t designed to provide much warmth. So consider wearing a thermal base layer like the HanesTec Comfort Gear X-Temp Active Comfort Tight. These tights will wick away sweat and keep you warm without hindering your movement. You don’t want to have a bulky jacket on your back while paddling, so a good thermal coat is an absolute must.


If you’re a new kayak owner, there are some great reasons to purchase one in the fall. Many retailers reduce prices during the holiday season as retailers try to attract more customers and boost sales. The holiday season is an excellent time to upgrade your kayak gear. Kayak discounts typically peak around the holidays and then fall off slightly in January and November. However, the winter can still be a good time to upgrade your kayak and purchase some new accessories.

The fall season is one of the most popular kayaking seasons because it signals the end of the paddling season. Kayak retailers are eager to clear out their remaining inventory, and this translates to cheaper prices. However, you may have to pay a premium for the discount. In addition to reduced prices, there may be less selection, so it’s best to shop around in the fall to get the best deals. However, kayak sales can also happen in the winter season, which means that the selection is smaller.

One reason that kayaks are cheaper in the fall is the fact that it’s the end of the paddling season. Summer kayaking seasons begin with warmer temperatures, which last through September. Fall kayak sales are typically the last chance for kayak owners to get a great deal. The season’s end also means that kayak sellers are buying new models for the following season. This means that the price of your new kayak will be much lower during the fall months.

Memorial Day

The last Monday in May is often the best time to purchase a kayak. However, many retailers offer deals during the cooler months as well. For instance, you might find dozens of paddleboards and kayaks for significantly less during the Memorial Day sale. And you can take advantage of Coupon Codes for kayaks. Purchasing a kayak is a great way to add a little happiness to your life. To take advantage of the Memorial Day Sale, visit Kayak.com.

You can find great sales on kayaks during the off-season, when retailers stock up on the latest models. Kayak retailers also offer great discounts during the holiday. Depending on the type of kayak you’re looking for, you can find a great deal on an inflatable kayak or a crossover kayak. And remember, the price of your kayak will vary, so it’s important to consider your budget and your needs when shopping. If you’re looking for a high-quality sea kayak, you’ll pay a premium. However, if you’re more concerned about affordability, you might consider an inflatable kayak or a crossover kayak.

The off-season is one of the best times to buy a kayak. Kayak prices drop significantly during this time because the sellers will likely be buying a new model for next season. But when are kayaks cheaper? You can get the best deals during the holidays! The end of summer and early spring are also great times to buy a kayak. However, it’s better to buy a kayak before the season begins.


When are kayaks cheaper off-season? It’s important to purchase a kayak during the off-season to avoid the peak season. Kayak outfitters typically discount kayaks at the end of their paddling seasons, which is typically around August. However, if you’re planning on paddling year-round, the same seasonal patterns apply. If you’re planning on buying a kayak during the summer or fall, wait until after the season is over.

When are kayaks cheaper off-season? Many kayakers update their equipment each year, so buying new kayaks at this time can save you money. Also, many kayakers upgrade their gear as their equipment depreciates in value. Because these boats aren’t resold at full retail price, they’re much cheaper secondhand. That means you can get a high-quality kayak at a reduced price.

The colder fall temperatures can turn off casual paddlers, but you can easily add extra layers to keep yourself warm. Kayak prices follow supply and demand laws. If kayaks are unused in warehouses, their prices will be marked down to entice customers to buy them. You’ll pay less for kayaks at off-season prices, and your wallet will thank you. And if you’re new to the sport, you’ll be able to enjoy a reduced price on new kayaks.

Another time to purchase kayaks is during the holiday season. Kayak retailers try to move out their current inventory and make room for new models. While winter kayak prices are higher than off-season, they still beat their summer price tag. By late November, the discounts will start to scale back. And you can still find kayaks that are 50% off their original price. If you’re looking for a bargain kayak, now is the time to buy.

Moving sales

If you’re in the market for a kayak but aren’t sure when to buy, spring and fall are great times to get one. Many people get rid of their old stock during these seasons, so prices may be cheaper because retailers don’t want to keep their inventory sitting around. Similarly, end of season clearance sales aren’t likely to apply to kayaks, so it’s important to keep your eyes open for kayak sales at these times.

Garage sales

Garage sales are great for buying used kayaks. Garage sales include both new and used kayaks, and you may find an amazing deal. Kayak sales are common at REI, and are popular for returning merchandise marked down to less than half of what it cost when new. REI has temporarily suspended its garage sales following the Covid-19 scandal, but plans to reinstate them. Many online kayak retailers have pages dedicated to bargain cave sales.

Kayaks are usually cheaper in the off-season, and this is the time that paddling season ends in most areas of the U.S. In August, kayak manufacturers start to liquidate their off-season inventory, making the off-season a great time to purchase a new kayak. You can get a high-quality kayak for much less than you would have paid at full price in the summer. You may also find kayak retailers discounting older models during the off-season.

While kayaks are cheaper at garage sales, they are often second-hand and come with extra accessories. Ask for more pictures if they have them and make sure they include a paddle and lifejacket. Also, don’t forget to ask if they have any extras – it will be much easier to negotiate the price if the seller includes the equipment. When are kayaks cheaper at garage sales?

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