where are eddyline kayaks made

Where Are Eddyline Kayaks Made?

Where are Eddyline kayaks made? Founded in 1971 in Boulder, Colo., Eddyline is now based in Burlington, Wash. The company’s founder, Tom Derrer, recently retired and sold the business to three long-time employees. They are Scott Holley, Todd Keane, and Janet Sutton. Read on to learn more about the company’s history and where are Eddyline kayaks made. tandem fishing kayaks

The company began making kayaks in 1971, before they were commercially available. Derrer started making fiberglass whitewater kayaks and a touring kayak designed by Werner Furrer Sr., who would later found Werner Paddles. Eddyline’s first kayaks weighed thirteen to fifteen pounds and were ideal for whitewater slalom. Eddyline Kayaks continued to innovate and began to build boats using high-performance thermoplastic. They named this material Carbonlite, after the thermoplastic they used to make them.

Eddyline manufactures a complete line of touring and sea kayaks. Their lineup consists of models like the Sandpiper, Merlin LT, Samba, Equinox, Night Hawk, and Caribbean. Tandem models are available as well, including the Skylark and Whisper CL tandem. Prices range from $1200 for the Sandpiper to nearly $4,000 for the Whisper CL tandem. A few of their models are incredibly comfortable.

Eddyline Carbonlite material is durable and bondable with a wide range of adhesive materials. In the event of cosmetic damage, plastic welding methacrylate (PWMA), sandpaper, polish, and pigment may be enough to repair your kayak. If more extensive damage is present, fiberglass cloth tape may be necessary. Step-by-step instructions are included in the FAQ section. There’s also a video available that shows the process in action.

Eddyline kayaks are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Unlike cheaper polyethylene kayaks, they are built to be comfortable and stable. Their large storage capacity is great for day trips, while cheaper alternatives are not as maneuverable and less durable. However, Eddyline kayaks are better for inland coastal or lake conditions. They are also more durable than their polyethylene counterparts. If you’re a novice in kayaking, it’s best to start out with an Eddyline kayak first before purchasing a new one.

The Eddyline Merlin LT is a transitional kayak. Its lightweight construction allows it to fit comfortably in a car trunk, and it’s easy to car-top. The Skylark is an intermediate model that is similar to a recreational kayak in shape and size, but has the features of a sea kayak. Eddyline is a top-rated company with excellent customer service. You’ll be able to get a replacement hatch cover the next day.

The Fathom is a great tour kayak. At 16’6″, it’s relatively light and has a moderate amount of rocker. Its hard chine and effective skeg make it a great choice for intermediate and advanced paddlers. This kayak is well-balanced and edges well. So, if you’re new to sea kayaking, you’ll be sure to enjoy this kayak.