where are emotion kayaks made

Where Are Emotion Kayaks Made?

If you’re interested in buying an Emotion kayak but don’t know where they’re made, this article will help answer your question. Emotion Kayaks were originally founded in 2002 and are known for their budget-friendly recreational kayaks. In 2011, they were purchased by Lifetime products, a manufacturer of outdoor gear like sheds and basketball nets. Lifetime merged with Emotion to improve the overall design of the kayak. Now, the company produces kayaks under the Lifetime label, while the classic Emotion designs are sold under the Lifetime Angler Pro brand. Fishing Kayaks

Founded by Tom and Diane Strauss, Emotion Kayaks specialize in the slow-moving water of lakes and rivers. Currently, the company employs eight people, including seven independent sales representatives. Its success has earned it high praise from paddling circles and convinced discerning retailers to carry the line. You can also find Emotion Kayaks in many big-box stores. Whether you’re looking for a new kayak or want to upgrade your current one, these paddleboards are sure to please the paddler in your life.

Emotion Kayaks manufacture and distribute recreational kayaks, as well as accessories. Their Sparky sit-inside kayak is geared specifically for kids. It features a shallow “V” hull with a lower center of gravity. This design allows paddlers to lean the kayak on one side for efficient turning and to stay upright when paddling on rough waters. Among their other products, the Sparky sit-on-top is a good option for beginners.

If you’re a beginner paddler, Emotion Kayaks and Lifetime kayaks are great options. These kayaks are designed to be easy to maneuver and relatively inexpensive. They are classified as recreational kayaks because they’re not very long and are made of lightweight materials. You can also purchase replacement parts from Lifetime, the company that makes them. In addition to being affordable, Emotion Kayaks are easy to store and transport.

In addition to being affordable, Emotion kayaks are also great for fishing. Because they’re small, they’re perfect for accessing areas that large boats cannot. As a result, they offer more room for fish. If you want to purchase an Emotion kayak, you can find it online, at local kayak stores, or at a paddling store. Just be sure to read the owner’s manual to understand the differences between Emotion kayaks and other brands.

Emotion Kayaks is a Pennsylvania-based company that designs and manufactures water sports equipment. While they do outsource some manufacturing, the kayaks are Made in the USA. In this way, they’re helping build a dynamic economy. As an added bonus, Emotion Kayaks list 25 retail locations across Pennsylvania. And because they’re so popular, they’ve opened up 25 retail outlets in the state.