Where Are Future Beach Kayaks Made?

where are future beach kayaks made

If you’re looking for a new sit-on-top fishing kayak, look no further than the Future Beach. With a comfortable seat back, a roomy cockpit, and a self-bailing cockpit, this kayak has plenty to offer. It’s also easy to maneuver and self-bailing is a huge plus, as it keeps you completely dry in case of an accident. We’ve listed five features of the Future Beach sit-on-top fishing kayak below, as well as other notable features.


Lifetime is a manufacturer of recreational kayaks and vessels. This company started with a surfboard and has since expanded to other types of watercraft. Their beach kayaks are known for their beginner-friendly designs, reliability, and affordability. They offer a wide variety of styles that are versatile for the recreational kayaker. If you’re interested in learning to paddle a kayak, consider the Lifetime Wave. This beach kayak features a swim-up rear deck and a standing deck in the cockpit. They’re designed for stability and ease of use, and come with a paddle. They’re also Solo Mount ready, so if you’d like to try stand-up paddleboarding, consider this product as an excellent option.

There are several types of Lifetime beach kayaks available. Lifetime’s youth Wave features a swim-up deck that slopes, allowing water to drain off the boat. This model is 18 pounds and is lighter than many hardshell kayaks. It is also equipped with molded finger handles on the sides. Towing the kayak behind an adult kayak is also possible. All of these kayaks are easy to maneuver, which is a great option for families with young children.

Lifetime beach kayaks are built with high-density polyethylene, which is a strong and impact-resistant plastic. While the hull can become scratched, most blemishes will only be superficial. Cracks in the hull will show as holes. Fortunately, Lifetime’s customer service team will assist you in finding replacement parts. It’s never a bad idea to ask for a warranty on a beach kayak.

The cockpit of a Lifetime beach kayak is the same size as that of a Pelican kayak. The only major difference is the type of seat. Lifetime beach kayaks are sit-inside, while Pelican’s sit-on-top kayaks are designed with a covered cockpit and adjustable backrest. Despite the similarities in the cockpit design, these kayaks are more comfortable to sit in.

Lifetime kayaks are affordable and versatile. A good option for the budget-minded kayaker is the Youth Wave. It features a convenient swim-up deck, and is perfect for kids learning to paddle. This sit-on-top kayak is a good choice for flat-water environments. However, remember to wear a PFD when paddling. A Lifetime kayak is a great score if used properly.

Hemisphere Design Works

Hemisphere Design Works is a manufacturer of recreational beach kayaks and other watercraft. Its recent merger with KL Outdoor and GSC Technologies will make it the world’s largest kayak company. Currently commanding a 30% market share, the company’s house of brands is projected to grow by double digits by 2020. The company plans to ramp up production to meet growing demand.

The company currently employs between 140 and 150 employees. Hemisphere Design Works laid off 68 workers this week, but it may have rehired a few of them after regaining its financial footing. Tjapkes plans to go back to Hemisphere Design Works if the layoffs were reversed. However, she says she would not have returned to the company had she known she’d be laid off. In fact, some employees would never want to work at the company again, because they were harassed by co-workers for being transgender.

Its closure comes as a surprise to local businesses. Hemisphere Design Works, formerly KL Outdoor LLC, had 200 employees in Muskegon. But the company plans to close its Muskegon operations by the end of the year. The company filed a notice of intent to close on Oct. 29 with the state of Michigan. It’s unclear how many people will be affected, but layoffs have already begun.

Hemisphere Design Works makes future beach and Evoke kayaks. After the merger, the company has become the largest kayak manufacturer in the world. Hemisphere claims a 30 percent market share and forecasts double-digit growth by 2020. Hemisphere Design Works is headquartered in Muskegon, Michigan and is sold through many large retailers. They are also planning to introduce their kayaks at the outdoor retailer summit in denver.

GSC Technologies

The production of future beach kayaks is done in a facility known as GSC Technologies, located in Norton Shores, Michigan. This manufacturer began in Grand Rapids and now has a warehouse in Norton Shores. In addition to manufacturing kayaks and paddle-craft, GSC also manufactures storage and outdoor furniture products. Most of the leading sporting goods retailers carry GSC brand kayaks and paddle-craft.

The parent company of this company, GSC Technologies Inc., was formed in 1982. It features the Future Beach brand and other paddle sports brands. It also manufactures branded storage and outdoor furniture products. Its production facilities include company-owned locations as well as those of its partners. GSC kayaks and paddle boards are sold at a wide variety of sporting goods retailers and online. If you want to purchase a Future Beach kayak, look no further than GSC Technologies.

Muskegon is the destination for kayak lovers. Muskegon is home to the world’s largest kayak manufacturer. The company will add 153 new jobs to the city. Muskegon was chosen over other cities in Canada for its new headquarters. Muskegon previously operated under the name Ameriform Inc. but changed its name to focus on its key brands. However, it is not clear whether the combined companies will keep the original name of the company, or rebrand it.

KL Outdoors recently merged with the Canadian company Hemisphere Design Works, making it the largest producer of recreational products in Muskegon. Previously, KL Outdoors produced kayaks and other recreational products. Now, the company has a larger production facility that is expected to meet customer demands. In addition to kayaks, the company is now producing paddles, cell phone cases, Bluetooth speakers, and even boat covers. The merger is expected to create a new, vertically integrated kayak company with a wide range of products.

KL Outdoors

The manufacturer of Future Beach kayaks, KL Outdoors, recently announced a merger with Quebec-based GSC Technologies. The merger is expected to increase capacity and add new products and brands to its lineup. In addition, the new company will create 100 new jobs in Henry County, Mich., and the state’s economy will benefit as KL Outdoors will have more employees and resources to serve the growing needs of customers.

Muskegon has become home to the world’s largest kayak manufacturer, with a new headquarters and nine-figure investment. The expansion will create 153 new jobs, according to Muskegon Area First and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. KL Outdoor Chief Executive Officer Chuck Smith attended the unveiling of the new facility in Muskegon this week. Since June, KL Outdoors has produced over 64,000 kayaks.

The Future Beach Vantage 144 sit-in kayak is a 12-foot rotomolded plastic sit-in kayak that features multiple channels for increased stability. The vantage 144 kayak features tiered footrest levels to accommodate a range of leg lengths. A large number of kayak enthusiasts have praised the Future Beach Vantage 144, which has multiple footrest levels that accommodate different leg lengths.

Although KL Outdoors no longer manufactures Viper kayaks, they may still be available at a local store. Another good brand to check out is Sun Dolphin Kayaks. Both Sun Dolphin and Future Beach kayaks are made in Michigan. While Future Beach kayaks are not the cheapest, they are also the most comfortable. Whether you choose an entry-level kayak or a more expensive model, there is a kayak to meet your needs.

Hemisphere Design Works kayaks are sold all over the U.S. and Canada, and the company has a 30 percent market share. The company currently produces its products at 11 Muskegon-area facilities. The new building will feature light assembly space and a distribution center for kayaks. The new facility will create more jobs in the Muskegon area. The Muskegon plant will allow for more diversity.

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