Where Are Future Beach Kayaks Made?

where are future beach kayaks made

Where are future beach kayaks made? The parent company GSC Technologies, which was recapitalized with a private equity firm in Boca Raton, Florida, manufactures paddle sports and branded storage products in several locations, including its own manufacturing facilities and those of outsourced partners. Its products are sold at leading sporting goods retailers. Here’s an overview of the production facilities of these brands. They’re located in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Hemisphere Design Works

After a strategic merger between GSC Technologies and Michigan’s KL Outdoor in 2017, Hemisphere Design Works now makes future beach kayaks, evoke kayaks, sun dolphins, and oar-powered paddleboards. The combined company could be the largest kayak manufacturer in the world. Currently, the house of brands commands 30% of the kayak market, and the company anticipates double-digit growth through 2020. In the meantime, it plans to ramp up production to meet demand.

Last year, Hemisphere Design Works moved its manufacturing operations to a 400,000-square-foot facility near Atlanta. It was initially slated as the cornerstone of an expansion into the Southeast region. It currently employs about 500 workers. However, the company was forced to lay off many of its workers. A spokesperson for the company declined to comment. The company did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Hemisphere Design Works, headquartered in Muskegon, was formed through the merger of KL Outdoor and GSC Technologies. Its products are sold under the Future Beach, Evoke, and Sun Dolphin brands. Hemisphere Design Works is a portfolio company of New Water Capital Partners, which bought KL Outdoor in 2013. The company boasts a thirty percent share of the kayak market, and it has high growth expectations through 2020.

Hemisphere Design Works’ long-term goal is to become an industry leader in the beach kayak industry and create an organization that can facilitate organic growth and potential acquisitions. Its current lineup includes products for beginners and more experienced paddlers. HDW plans to expand its production capacity in the future to support the growing demands of retailers. However, before pursuing this path, HDW should continue to make the beach kayaks it’s known for.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120

The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 beach kayak is one of the best sellers in the Pungo family. It features a keel and modified v hull for tracking, which will make even the most novice paddlers feel stable. It will also be plenty comfortable for more experienced paddlers, thanks to the adjustable seat and 3D foam. It’s made of durable polyethylene, so it will withstand a variety of conditions.

The Pungo 120 features a comfortable seat, ample storage space, and straight tracking. It also has a detachable work deck and two cup holders. All of these features make it a great choice for beginners or intermediate paddlers. You can even carry a water cooler in it if you want to keep cool. It has a carrying capacity of up to 425 pounds. Choosing a paddleboard isn’t as easy as choosing a kayak, but Wilderness Systems’s Pungo 120 is perfect for you.

The stern hatch on the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 features double latches, so you can secure your feet while you’re sitting in the cockpit. The stern hatch is sealed, so you won’t have to worry about water seeping through the stern hatch. The kayak also has two Orbix hatches, which will keep your gear dry. In addition to the stern hatch, the Pungo 120 has a footrest, a foot rest, and an optional spray skirt for rain or snow.

The Pungo 120 offers an impressive set of features. Besides the bungee system on the deck, the Pungo 120 has various RAM mounts for your cell phone. You can use the device to navigate or take selfies on the go. The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 offers optional accessories that can further customize your kayak. Aside from a dry box, this beach kayak also comes with cup holders and accessory gear track.

The Pungo 120 beach kayak is a versatile and stable craft for beach and river cruising. It is very stable, despite its rudder-less design. It handles two-foot-plus waves with ease. It can even be used as a standup paddle board. It also packs neatly into a rolling travel case. The flat back deck makes it easy to climb back on the boat if you fall in.

Perception kayaks

A Perception kayak is an incredible boat. The brand is a leader in beach kayaks, and their Pescador sit-on-top is unrivaled in straight line speed, tracking, and stability. Its comfortable design makes it ideal for long days on flat water. Its adjustable footrests and padded seat make for an enjoyable paddle experience. The Perception Access is one of the most popular kayaks in the family.

The Perception brand is owned by Confluence Outdoor, a manufacturer of kayaks. This company also manufactures other brands such as Dagger, Adventure Technology, and Boardworks. The Perception brand is made in Greenville, South Carolina, and sold through outdoor retailers and paddle shops. For more information on a particular model, visit the Perception website. You can also call the company to ask about local dealers in your area.

While the Perception Tribe 11.5 is an excellent kayak for beginners, it is a bit harder to find replacement parts, including the seats and foot pegs. Thankfully, most of these parts are compatible with other brands, including Wilderness Systems. If you’re handy, you can also try fixing the kayak yourself with parts purchased at a local hardware store. A Perception beach kayak is an excellent option for beginners, and if you know how to kayak well, you’ll be in no time!

The Perception Rhythm 11 is an excellent choice for longer trips, such as overnight adventures. This sit-on-top kayak is lightweight and easy to store. Despite its large size, this kayak is capable of touring open water without problems. It features a minimalist design with few moving parts, which makes it great for beginners. You can also find a Perception Rhythm 11 kayak on a retailer’s website or on an independent marketplace for those who want a larger boat.

A new merger of two leading kayak companies is expected to create the world’s largest brand. The combined business will benefit from the combined product portfolios of both companies, making them the most powerful kayak company. New Water Capital is a private equity firm that made investments in both KL Outdoor and GSC Technologies in December 2016 and April 2017 respectively. Its goal is to grow its retail footprint, bringing in more competition.

Sun Dolphin kayaks

The Bali 10 SS is a sit on top model that is perfect for a single person who wants to try kayaking. The design is convenient and light, with a wide open cockpit for easy entry and exit. It also has a paddle holder and adjustable foot braces, making it a great choice for beginners. It is also suitable for small lakes or rivers, but not for large bodies of water.

Some users have reported that the sun damages the surface of the sit-inside and sit-on-top kayaks. This can happen because the plastic hull stretches over time. It can be quite noticeable when a hole appears in a plastic kayak, which is prone to fading and warping. However, Sun Dolphin provides polyethylene repair kits for those who find small holes in their kayak.

The Boss 12 SS is a fully-featured sit-on-top fishing kayak, with an elevated seat that gives anglers a better vantage point for sight casting. The Boss 12 SS, meanwhile, is aimed at the serious kayak fisher, and features an elevated seat, large tankwells and rod holders. The Sun Dolphin Boss 12 SS has a large fishing platform, which is particularly helpful when casting to a solitary fish.

As far as cost, the two types of Sun Dolphin beach kayaks are similar in price. The Aruba is the entry-level rec kayak and costs $148 at Walmart. The Excursion is a more expensive option, retailing at Cabela’s or Academy Sports. The Future Beach kayak ranges from $219 for the 6-foot-6 Sprinter Junior to $439 for the 10’4 Discovery 124F.

The Bali 10 SS is made for solo use, but it can accommodate a small child or pet. The boat has shock cord rigging on the deck. There is even a compartment between the knees where you can put your phone or other gear. It’s easy to carry and is lightweight. And with a height of 84cm, it’s easy to load into a S.U.V.

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