Where Are Future Beach Kayaks Made?

where are future beach kayaks made

Where are future beach kayaks made? Future Beach has assembled some of the best engineers, designers, and marketing professionals in the industry, and has invested in modern, world-class manufacturing facilities and on-hand inventory. These attributes all contribute to the superior quality of Future Beach kayaks. We are proud of the work that our team does to keep our customers happy. Read on to learn more about the innovative design and engineering processes we use to create our kayaks.

GSC Technologies

If you’ve always wanted to try out a surf kayak, it’s probably a good idea to look into GSC Technologies. This Montreal-based firm has partnered with a private equity firm to recapitalize the company. The company manufactures surf kayaks and other paddle sports products, and also produces branded storage containers and outdoor furniture. Its products are distributed by leading sporting goods retailers.

Founded in 2000, KL Outdoor/GSC Technologies is the largest maker of surfboards and kayaks in the world. The company will create 153 jobs and invest $9 million in Muskegon over the next three years. The company will occupy the historic Terrace Point building in Muskegon. It is an environmentally-friendly business that will use local materials and repurpose the building’s space.

The company started out in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has warehouses in Norton Shores, Michigan. It is currently home to a number of kayak models, paddleboards, and other watercraft. Other products manufactured by the company include outdoor furniture and storage solutions. The company is also carried by major sporting goods retailers, including Bass Pro Shop, REI, and KILO. Listed below are a few examples of its products.

New Water Capital has invested in GSC Technologies and KL Outdoor, two companies that manufacture beach kayaks. KL Outdoor was acquired by New Water Capital in December 2016 and GSC Technologies was bought by the firm in April 2017. This merger is expected to increase the capacity of both companies to meet the rapidly growing needs of customers. Both companies will be more efficient in terms of product offering and brand portfolio. Moreover, the merger is expected to strengthen both companies’ financial standing and allow for multiple shipping points.

KL Outdoors, based in Muskegon, Michigan, has recently merged with Quebec-based GSC Technologies to become the world’s largest kayak manufacturer. The company also plans to expand production in Muskegon. It chose Muskegon because of the state’s strong business environment. In fact, the Michigan Strategic Fund has awarded KL with a $765,000 grant under the Michigan Business Development Program to help the company expand.

Hemisphere Design Works

The company was facing financial troubles, and canceled a major contract with Dicks Sporting Goods. Employees – who asked not to be identified out of fear of retaliation – were told the company would be shutting down its Muskegon facility, where about 200 people worked. The Muskegon City Manager heard “rumblings” from Hemisphere and contacted the company.

The company was founded in 1997, and its products have been in development since then. In 2017, it merged with kl outdoor and gsc technologies, creating a company with more than 500 employees. The company is now co-owned by its management team, and is backed by private equity firm New Water Capital Partners. The company also has a sister division in Montreal that makes furniture and injection-molded storage products.

The company has been in the kayak business for over two decades. Hemisphere Design Works has a new headquarters in downtown Muskegon, which was previously home to another company called KL Outdoor. It is now a portfolio company of New Water Capital Partners, which acquired Muskegon-based KL Outdoor in 2016. At the time of its acquisition, Hemisphere held about 30 percent of the kayak market, and analysts expect double-digit growth over the next two years.

Hemisphere Design Works makes future beach and fishing kayaks. Their recent merger with KL Outdoor and GSC Technologies made it the world’s largest manufacturer of kayaks. Their house of brands now commands 30 percent of the market, and is forecasting double-digit growth through 2020. Moreover, it has plans to ramp up production to meet the rising demand. It is still unclear exactly how long these kayaks will be available, but it is a promising start.

Muskegon was one of the last places to produce kayaks, but that changed this fall. Muskegon-based The KL Companies Inc. has resumed production. Since June 1, the company has produced more than 64,000 kayaks and has over 20,000 more in production. Hemisphere Design Works was founded in Muskegon in 2009 and once employed as many as 200 workers. But the company filed for bankruptcy in Michigan on Oct. 29. Those who are still employed will lose their jobs on Dec. 29, according to the notice. The company ceased operations in Muskegon shortly after the WARN paperwork was filed.

The company is laying off at least 68 workers. It plans to lay off the remaining employees over the next few months. The layoffs began Oct. 29 and will continue through December. The company has not yet decided what plans it has for the remaining employees. However, city officials expect the remaining employees to lose their jobs by the end of the year. So, there is no way to predict what will happen to Hemisphere Design Works’ workers.

KL Outdoor

The makers of future beach kayaks have completed investments in two different Michigan companies. One is KL Outdoor, which produces Future Beach kayaks. The other company is GSC Technologies. Together, the two companies produce and sell several kayak brands including Future Beach, Evoke, and Sun Dolphin. The company is estimated to be the largest kayak maker in the world. However, it is not clear exactly how many of their products are manufactured in Michigan.

The manufacturing plant for these kayaks is located in Muskegon, Michigan, and is vertically integrated. This allows the company to monitor every aspect of production and avoid outsourcing. They produce paddles, cockpit covers, and spray skirts. They also manufacture cell phone bags and Bluetooth speakers. Recently, KL Outdoor merged with another company, GSC Technologies, to manufacture Future Beach kayaks. The merged company will continue to make its popular kayaks, and will also expand its Muskegon, Michigan, facility.

The future of the beach kayak industry lies in KL Outdoors. The Michigan-based company started manufacturing paddleboards and recreational boats in 1982 and is now one of the largest in the United States. The KL Companies continue to produce their products and services while making new products and working to improve customer service. The company is now a part of The KL Companies, Inc., which has contributed significantly to the evolution of the category.

The company’s purpose is to help people experience freedom in the outdoors. By building products that offer ease and comfort, they will empower individuals to create human-powered moments in the outdoors. In the process, they’re also creating a culture that promotes the sport of kayaking, empowering people to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. There are more than a few reasons to be proud to be an outdoor enthusiast.

The company’s commitment to Michigan’s economy is being acknowledged by the Michigan Strategic Fund, which has awarded a $765,000 grant to KL Outdoor. While the company is not a high-end brand, the quality of its products is good. KL Outdoor acquired the brand from New Water Capital in 2015. This acquisition has provided additional stability for the company and a platform for growth. Furthermore, the new investors have committed to maintaining key manufacturing facilities in West Michigan.

Hemisphere Design Works merged with two Michigan companies to create a world-class kayak company. The company moved into the former SPX headquarters in Muskegon, Michigan. Its products sold for under $500. In a year, it employed 600 people. Despite its large size, the company had to lay off many of its workers. This is unfortunate for the community. They are working to support the unemployed.

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