Where Are Hobie Kayaks Made

Depending on the model, Hobie kayaks can be made of polyethylene, ABS plastic, or both. The vast majority of consumer kayaks are made from polyethylene, but Hobie uses an advanced plastic known as Super-Linear 2 Polyethylene that combines linear chains of polyethylene with a UV inhibitor, so the color won’t fade over time. If you are worried about the longevity of your Hobie kayak, consider purchasing a storage unit in Dana Point, California, or in one of the many other retail locations.

Hobie Cat

The popularity of kayak fishing has grown rapidly in recent years, and Hobie is no exception. The company has expanded its lineup of kayaks to include the MirageDrive 180 and Passport pedal kayaks. These kayaks have a new, easy-to-use pedal propulsion system that gives the user a hands-free ride. A variety of accessories are available, including angled paddles, molded-in cross-bunget cargo areas, and a built-in hatch for storing gear.

Native Watercraft

Native Watercraft manufactures hobie kayaks for recreational use. If you haven’t swam in a while and are interested in doing so, you can find kayaks and other equipment at the Waterfront Store. You can also attend clinics, rent a boat, or participate in guided bay tours. You can even rent kayaks for a day and take a guided tour of the bay.

Ocean Kayak

A Hobie Ocean Kayak can take you out on the water in no time. This paddled kayak is powered by the MirageDrive 180 hand-free system, which requires no strength on the part of the operator. Its rudder is sensitive, allowing you to steer the kayak without requiring any strength. These kayaks are excellent for fishing because of their speed and maneuverability. They are also easy to store and transport.

Hobie Pedal Kayaks

Designed for families, Hobie pedal kayaks are lightweight, durable, and comfortable. All models feature the Mirage GT pedal drive system for advanced steering control. Pro Angler models come with rod holders, cargo capacity, and a livewell. Some models feature a Hobie Evolve electric motor, which makes for even easier paddling. And as with all Hobie products, they’re made in Canada.

Ocean Kayak’s Mirage Passport

Among the many options in the Mirage Passport series, the Hobie Mirage is a lightweight, versatile foot pedal kayak that is easy to launch from the beach. It has a low seat that lowers the center of gravity and improves pedaling power. The 34-inch beam and recessed keel offer excellent stability, but this kayak is more prone to being blown off course due to its short keel. Fortunately, the rudder and recessed hull space can make up for this issue. This is a perfect kayak for recreational kayaking and can handle even moderate water conditions.

Hobie’s Passport

The Hobie’s passport is all-Hobie, making it the lightest hardshell kayak in its class. As the first thermoformed hardshell, the Passport is also the least expensive of the Hobie models. And unlike many other hardshells, the Passport’s hulls aren’t manufactured in the company’s California factory. Instead, they’re molded in France and assembled in Oceanside.

Hobie’s Mirage

The Mirage Drive 180 is a great all-around fishing kayak. Designed for sheltered waters, this model is great for lakes, ponds, bays and marshes. It offers all-day comfort and features a front hatch and forward tackle storage. This model also comes with a kick-up fin system, a great option for fishing. A pedal-drive option is available for those who do not want to carry a motor.