where are hurricane kayaks made

Where Are Hurricane Kayaks Made?

If you’re planning to buy a Hurricane kayak, you may be wondering where they are manufactured. The answer to that question will vary from model to model, but most are made in the USA. Hurricane kayaks are made of a material called Trylon ABS, which is very different from traditional polythene plastic. This material makes the kayak much lighter and stronger, and the material is also resistant to fading from exposure to the sun. A Hurricane kayak is also very stable, and its hyper-durable structure protects you from any kind of damage. inflatable fishing kayaks

Hurricane kayaks are best for day-long outings on sheltered water. They track incredibly well and are easy to turn. Their spacious cockpits reduce any feeling of confiningness that new paddlers may have. They also make it easier to bring along small children or pets, making them ideal for family kayaking trips. In addition to family outings, Hurricane kayaks are also great for fishing. You can even take them on a hunt.

If you’re new to kayaking, the Hurricane Santee is an ideal starter model. Its 14-foot tandem is an ideal choice for beginners or experienced paddlers. Sport models of Hurricane kayaks are especially spacious, with oversized cockpits and room for additional gear and even a small child. Non-Sport models are designed to fit snugly and comfortably, and they also feature foam thigh braces under the cockpit and adjustable foot pegs.

Hurricane Kayaks are constructed of thermoformed ABS. Thermoforming is a process of heating an ABS-acrylic plastic laminate. It creates a lighter kayak with superior performance and stiffness. It also produces a shinier finish. In addition, these kayaks are made of durable, high-quality materials. And since they’re so lightweight, the Hurricane is a great choice for many paddlers.