where are jackson kayaks made?

Where Are Jackson Kayaks Made?

Where are Jackson Kayaks made? Often, this question comes up when purchasing a new kayak. The company is located in the U.S., where the founders originally spent six years living in an RV. While there, they would regularly travel to rivers for training. During this time, they refused to work in an office. Chouinard’s story inspired Jackson to start his own business. best sit in fishing kayaks

Eric Jackson founded the company in 2003. He had previously worked for other kayak companies, including Wave Sport Kayaks and Tony Lunt. He took over as CEO in 2003 and the company continues to innovate today. The company’s logo embodies the values of the company, inclusivity, innovation, accessibility, community, and accessibility. At the onset, Jackson Kayak included the world’s top kayakers. He hired many top whitewater paddlers, including Dane Jackson, the son of Eric Jackson.

Today, Jackson Kayak is a global company with 12 Super Stores in North America. The first of them, Valley Mill Kayak in Washington, DC, sold more than $100,000 of Jackson kayaks in one year. These stores offer exclusive gear videos and celebrity interviews. Despite its global reach, Jackson Kayak has remained family-run. They are proud to be Made in the USA and to support local jobs.

While Jackson is a successful businessman, he once worked as a whitewater photographer. The experience changed his life. He saw people riding waves and swimming, and realized he could create something special for them. He started working on the first prototype and a year later, the company was sold. Jackson remained on as the brand manager and principal designer. Its name has grown to include many other Jackson products, including the new X-Large.

The Jackson Kayak company is known around the world as a leader in kayaks for fishing and whitewater paddling. Most recently, it pioneered a new market segment for hunting kayaks – camouflage models. The company’s unique design, innovative features, and dedication to American manufacturing have helped them to gain a reputation as one of the world’s most innovative brands. Its founder, Eric Jackson, prefers to use American manufacturers.

While there are many different models of Jackson kayaks, the company has several distinct styles and types. The best way to choose the right one for your needs is to read reviews and browse through the various models. If you’ve used a Jackson kayak in the past, leave a review to let others know what you think! If you’ve used one before, you’ll know exactly what to look for. And when it comes to quality, it’s hard to beat the comfort, sturdiness, and ease of use.

Jackson Kayak’s angling kayaks come in both sit-on-top and sit-inside models. Some models even offer power-drive or pedal-drive options. Regardless of your preferences, all Jackson kayaks have excellent stability and are great for beginners and casual paddlers alike. You can also choose a sit-inside fishing kayak if you’re fishing on calm, flatwater. The Jackson Kilroy is one such model.