Where Are Pelican Kayaks Made?

If you want to find out where are Pelican kayaks made, look no further. The company employs over 600 people at three factories in Canada to produce this brand. You can find a kayak to fit any budget and skill level. Read on to learn more about this Canadian company and what makes their kayaks so special. Listed below are some of their main features. The company also has a commitment to environmental sustainability and recycling almost all plastic that comes into contact with their products. pedal drive fishing kayaks

Pelican has a long history of manufacturing self-propelled watercraft. They began with pedal boats, and eventually moved on to making kayaks. These kayaks are designed with beginner paddlers in mind, and many of them are made from RAM-X rotomolded plastic, which is durable, yet slippery. While Pelican kayaks are not the cheapest, they are definitely worth the price.

The company has been around since 1968. They make canoes and peddle boats as well. They stopped making kayaks in the 1990s, but came back to it in 2001. Pelican kayaks feature 3-layer rotomolded hulls, and a material called Ram-X, which is strong, stiff, and has good memory capacity. This material is much cheaper than composite materials. It is also made from recycled material.

Pelican boats are lightweight, making them easy to ship to international markets. They are shipped to 53 countries worldwide, including the United States. The company exports its products to almost fifty countries, including the United States and Europe. However, they are not limited to this market – Pelican is currently making kayaks in China, which is a significant chunk of its export market. And it’s a good thing they’re selling locally too!

Pelican also produces a series of kayaks specifically for kids. These models are shorter and easier to paddle and place an emphasis on stability. Unlike other kayaks, these models are not very high performing. While they may seem attractive to the casual paddler, they aren’t designed for people who want to maximize their boat’s performance. Those seeking the ultimate in boat performance will want a Pelican kayak.

The company is based in Quebec, Canada. It acquired another major company called Confluence Outdoors in the mid-2000s. Pelican kayaks have since been sold in big box stores throughout North America. The company also makes canoes, pedal boats, and standup paddleboards. This acquisition marks the start of Pelican’s expansion into the world of paddlesports. However, you might be wondering where Pelican kayaks are made.

Pelican kayaks range in size from six-foot Solo models to thirteen-foot tandem kayaks. They average ten feet in length. The shorter kayaks are better for beginners, while longer kayaks offer greater glide and speed, increased carrying capacity, and more maneuverability. In addition to the premium models, Pelican also offers a line of kayaks specifically for women. You can even buy an inexpensive one to start paddling and exploring the world.