Where Are Pelican Kayaks Manufactured?

Pelican Kayaks are made in three facilities in Canada. The company employs over 600 people and is a global leader in plastic kayak, canoe, pedal boat, fishing boat, and paddleboard design. Pelican kayaks are a popular choice for families and fishing enthusiasts alike. There are many styles and colors to choose from, including a variety of different shapes, sizes, and materials. There are some basic characteristics that you should look for when selecting a kayak.


If you’re looking for the best in kayaking, consider buying a Pelican. These are renowned for their exceptional quality and durability. Boardworks manufactures pelican kayaks in Ontario. Pelican is the world’s largest paddle sports company and has a 50-year history. This company has expanded its line of products to include outdoor furniture and picnic tables. It has also partnered with GSI Outdoors, a family-owned company that designs and distributes high-quality outdoor cooking products.

The Pelican kayak brand is part of the larger Confluence Outdoor group, which also includes Wilderness Systems, Perception, Dagger, Mad River Canoe, and Boardworks. Pelican kayaks are sold in many big box retailers across North America. Its new owners are investing in research and development to help create better kayaks and paddle boards. Pelican’s acquisition of Confluence Outdoors will lead to significant changes in the industry.

In terms of design and features, Pelican kayaks are made from recycled post-industrial plastic and rotomolded polyethylene. The hull and deck are fused together in a process similar to yogurt container manufacturing. Once assembled, accessories are added by hand and installed to the kayak. The company’s Pelican kayaks are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. Founded in 1989, Boardworks manufactures Pelican kayaks in Vancouver.

Pelican kayaks are made from durable rotomolded plastic, known as RAM-X. The material resists impacts and abrasion and features multiple layers of material for greater strength and stiffness over time. However, Pelican kayaks are heavier than other types of kayaks. They are best carried suitcase-style by a partner. This means that you should always wear a drysuit and a jacket when kayaking in very cold water.


Where are Pelican kayaks manufactured? Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the company’s flagship manufacture produces a wide range of water sports equipment for recreational and commercial use. Their products range from kayaks and canoes to pedal boats, paddle boards, fishing boats, and sleds. They strive to build the highest quality products while simultaneously reducing their environmental impact. They reuse 99% of the plastic they use during the manufacturing process.

While the company’s headquarters is in Laval, Quebec, Canada, Pelican International employs over 600 people in three facilities. They are a world leader in plastic kayak, canoe, pedal boat, and fishing boat design. Their manufacturing facilities are devoted to making water sports accessible to people of all ages. However, if you’re interested in the process of making your own kayak, you can do so at home using foam and glue.

Pelican kayaks are a solid choice for beginners. They are very stable, and are ideal for short outings in sheltered water. They’re also great for recreational touring and ocean kayaking. But, while Pelican kayaks are known for their reliability, they are not the best choice for all types of paddling. If you’re an experienced kayaker, you may find a different brand that suits your needs better.

Where are Pelican kayaks manufactured? Designed with stability at the core, Pelican kayaks are easy to handle and maneuver. Thanks to their proprietary design technology, Pelican kayaks are among the lightest kayaks on the market. Despite being a lightweight brand, it’s worth considering that you’ll need some extra time to setup and breakdown your kayak. This is a big advantage over other brands because it makes the process of paddling so much easier for you.

Advanced Elements

Pelican International Inc., a Canadian manufacturing group based in Paul-Kane Laval, Quebec, has acquired Advanced Elements Inc., a provider of inflatable kayaks. The acquisition broadens Pelican’s paddling product lineup and positions the company as a leader in the development of inflatable watercraft. Tonkon Torp LLP served as legal counsel to Advanced Elements. The companies are now a part of one large family of paddle sports brands.

The advanced Elements Tandem Inflatable Kayak is a popular recreational kayak, which can accommodate one to two people. Though it is inflatable, it promises to be more durable than many similar inflatable kayaks. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, this kayak is a great investment. It offers a stable and durable platform for paddling, allowing you to enjoy paddling and the scenery for hours.

Another notable benefit of this partnership is that the two companies share manufacturing and distribution channels. Advanced Elements’ AirVolution Drop-Stitch Kayak rivals the rigidity of hard-shell kayaks. The Pelican’s manufacturing efficiency and distribution channels will benefit Advanced Elements. In addition to Pelican’s extensive product line, the company’s distribution channels will give it a competitive advantage in the kayaking marketplace.

Pelican Argo 120XP

The Pelican Argo 120XP kayak is made with Twin Arch Multi Chine Hull and spacious cockpit. This model was specifically designed for those looking for extra capacity and tracking. It also features value-packed features, such as Styrofoam for extra buoyancy. The Canadian company manufactures all their kayaks in their facilities. Pelican kayaks are also made in Canada.

These Canadian-made kayaks feature double arch, multi-chine hulls for enhanced stability and easy entry and exit. The double-layer PE-X material is also UV-protected and impact-resistant, making it the perfect kayak for any paddler. Pelican kayaks are also affordable, with a price tag that’s still competitive. The Argo 120XP weighs just 48 pounds.

For a first-timer, Pelican kayaks are a great choice. The company has been manufacturing kayaks for over 50 years, and its products have earned a reputation for quality and service. However, they are not the best for all kayaking purposes, and more experienced paddlers may prefer a different brand. However, Pelican is a top brand for recreational kayakers who want quality and superior performance.

The Pelican Argo 120XP kayak is manufactured in Canada and features ample storage capacity. The model’s drop-down rudder in the stern makes it easy to maneuver, especially in windy conditions and in strong ocean currents. Paddlers have long trusted Pelican kayaks because they are sturdy, stable, and affordable. You won’t regret purchasing a Pelican kayak.

Elie kayaks

The Elie line of kayaks is a sister brand to Pelican kayaks. Made entirely of plastic, these lightweight kayaks offer unparalleled rigidity, impact resistance, and safety. This line of kayaks is perfect for recreational paddlers or serious hobbyists. They are much more expensive than Pelican kayaks, but are ideal for developing skills. The Gulf line also offers a generous list of features.

Pelican makes a wide range of kayaks for different purposes. The kayaks are lightweight and easy to maneuver, but their features vary widely depending on your needs. The most expensive models have all-round features, while the basic kayaks are designed for beginner paddlers. Elie kayaks are also lightweight and responsive, but lack the gliding ability of their more expensive counterparts.

The Elie SOUND 120 XE is one of the best-selling kayaks in the market. It tracks well and is stable. It has adjustable seat and footrests, water bottle holder, water-tight compartments, and bungees. Its sleek design is another great factor. It looks great, too. The Elie SOUND 120 XE offers all of these features and more, making it a great option for beginners.

Pelican kayaks are also known for their durable construction. Their kayaks are made of durable high-density polyethylene. The Ram-X(tm) plastic is impact-resistant and UV-protected, meaning that the kayaks can resist abrasion and still regain their shape. Its superior material also reduces the possibility of corrosion, thereby making them more durable.

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