Where Are Pelican Kayaks Manufactured?

where are pelican kayaks manufactured

If you’re wondering where Pelican kayaks are made, you’re not alone. They’re manufactured right here in Quebec, and while the price may not be as low as other brands, you can rest assured that you’ll get an excellent product. You can’t go wrong with lightweight rotomolded plastic and an easy carry, too. You can enjoy all the benefits of a Pelican kayak, and learn more about this amazing manufacturer by reading this article.


In Quebec, Canada, Pelican Kayaks is manufactured and sold. The company has been in business since 1968 and is now the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic boats. It employs over 800 people in three different production facilities in North America. These kayaks are made of RAM-X Premium material, a three-layer sheet of high-density polyethylene with a glossy finish. This material provides significantly more rigidity than standard polyethylene. The material is then vacuum-stretched over a mould.

In addition to its kayaks, Pelican also produces canoes and pedal boats, paddle boards, fishing boats, sleds, and other outdoor products. The company’s innovative designs and superior quality are what distinguish Pelican from other manufacturers. Founded in 1968, Pelican is the largest manufacturer of recreational boats in Quebec. To encourage consumers to participate in outdoor activities, Pelican designs and manufactures a variety of different products, including sleds, bikes, and canoes.

The Pelican Icon 100XP Angler is designed for avid anglers who enjoy non-commercial fishing grounds. The Pelican Sandbank 100XP is designed for anglers who want to upgrade their features. With a weight of 50 lbs. and ergonomic carrying handles, this kayak is the perfect companion for recreational fishing. The manufacturer is dedicated to producing high quality kayaks for a reasonable price.

Less expensive Pelican kayaks

The outfitting of less expensive Pelican kayaks is usually substandard. If you’re a serious paddler, you’ll probably want to consider buying a more expensive kayak. If not, you can modify them easily with foam and glue. In this way, you can customize your kayak to meet your needs. If you’re just getting started, a cheaper Pelican kayak might be the way to go.

A Pelican kayak is durable, thanks to the high-tech RAM-X plastic it is made of. Its hull and deck are made of multiple layers that regain their shape after impact. This increases their longevity, which is an important consideration if you’re new to kayaking. Pelican kayaks are also known for their excellent customer service and quality. There are a variety of kayaks available on the market, so you’ll likely find one that fits your needs perfectly.

A less-expensive Pelican kayak might not offer the features and amenities that a more expensive model would. However, the design and functionality of a Pelican kayak is very similar to that of a more expensive model. A lesser-priced Pelican kayak may be a better option if you’re a beginner and aren’t particularly serious about fishing. These kayaks are great for beginners, and they come in different styles and sizes.

Lightweight rotomolded plastic

Pelican kayaks are constructed from rotomolded polyethylene plastic, which is post-industrially recycled. After the kayak hull is built, Pelican installs accessories by hand. The kayaks are produced in a process similar to how yogurt containers are made. The hull and deck are molded together in one piece, resulting in a durable and lightweight kayak.

Outfitting is another important factor when choosing a kayak. Some models of Pelican kayaks are made with subpar outfitting, such as a hard seat with no padding. However, foot rests are important for efficient paddling, and should be durable and free of grit. A bulkhead is another crucial feature for safety and comfort. It will help keep the kayak afloat even if it becomes swamped.

Although roto’s are very resilient, scratches can damage the hull and compromise performance. While a scratch is not as dangerous as a puncture, it will affect your speed. Because of this, you’ll need to invest in a protective coating. Thankfully, some manufacturers now produce a protective layer that prevents UV damage to the hull. A protective layer protects the kayak from UV damage.

While rotomolded kayaks are lightweight, they are not indestructible. Blow-molded plastic is lightweight, but it doesn’t hold up as well as rotomolded plastic. Additionally, super light inflatable kayaks are more prone to tears and punctures, making them less durable. Moreover, these kayaks are more expensive than fiberglass composite kayaks. If you’re a beginner, a thermoform kayak is a great choice.

Easy to carry

The pelican range of kayaks is widely acclaimed for its light weight and high performance, and this brand offers a wide variety of different models to fit a range of different needs. The company doesn’t specialize in any specific category of kayak, so the range of Pelican kayaks doesn’t necessarily represent the best choice for all situations. While light weight kayaks can be difficult to maneuver and handle in rough waters, the pelican range is relatively easy to transport, and their lightweight design makes them ideal for day-long paddles.

The Pelican Catch 100 features a wide tunnel hull and flat deck platform, ensuring you have plenty of floor space for your fishing gear. This kayak has a capacity of 350 pounds, but you won’t have to worry about overloading the kayak. The lightweight design makes it easy to store and carry, and the kayak weighs only 54 pounds. You’ll also find Pelican kayaks easy to transport, as the design makes them easy to carry and store.

The Pelican Sentinel 120XR Angler is perfect for larger anglers, and comes with multiple accessory eyelets, four flush-mount rod holders, and a bottle holder. The kayak features a patented EXOPAK system that allows the seat to be adjusted and the seat to be easily removed. This allows the water to drain away easily and the angler to move easily around in the kayak.


Pelican kayaks are built with rugged, lightweight construction that makes transporting them a breeze. The kayaks are made of RAM-X(tm) PREMIUM, which provides significantly more rigidity than standard polyethylene. Each model is constructed using a durable and lightweight frame and features ergonomic carry handles. A shoulder strap makes transporting the kayak even easier. Pelican kayaks are manufactured with durability and style in mind.

Each Pelican kayak weighs between 35 and 65 pounds, ranging from junior models to fully outfitted fishing kayaks. Pelican kayaks are made from durable rotomolded plastic, which is capable of enduring some damage. However, it is important to note that the kayaks must retain their shape to remain safe. Over time, the hull of a Pelican kayak may become wavy. If this happens, you may have purchased a used kayak.

Whether you need a stand-up paddleboard or a sit-in kayak, Pelican is sure to have the right kayak for your needs. The Pelican ARGO 100 sit-in kayak is the perfect choice for beginners. It is lightweight, with a twin-arched multi-chine hull that makes it easy to paddle. It has molded footrests, adjustable footrests, a bottle holder, and RAM-X impact-resistant material. It also includes a KID PADDLE, which will provide maximum safety for kids.

Unlike some other sit-inside kayaks, the Pelican Mustang 100x has no bulkheads. Bulkheads separate the hull into separate chambers. These bulkhead chambers create separate air pockets, giving the kayak buoyancy if it capsizes. This means it is easier to self-rescue or get assistance. In addition, Pelican sit-inside kayaks are watertight.

Designed by scuba enthusiast

Pelican is a company that has been producing self-propelled watercraft since 1965, starting with pedal boats. The company soon expanded its line to include kayaks and paddlecraft. Many of Pelican’s kayaks are beginner-friendly and have simple designs. Many models are made of rotomolded plastic called RAM-X, which is durable and slick. The company’s newest kayaks are able to handle rough water, even when they’re pushed to their limits.

Pelican has added a variety of features to make the kayaks more versatile and user-friendly for novices. The Intrepid 100X Angler is designed to provide stability at rest, yet it provides the tacking of a v-hull. The seat is comfortable and provides excellent support for the user. The Pelican Intrepid 100X Angler is lightweight and can be used by novices.

The company has partnered with scuba enthusiasts to improve the design of its kayaks. Pelican is a family-run business that produces high-quality outdoor products. With a headquarters in Quebec, Pelican specializes in making kayaks for recreational and scuba enthusiasts. Pelican kayaks are available at big box retailers across North America. For those looking for a high-quality recreational kayak, however, they’re worth considering.

It’s essential to read Pelican kayak reviews before you make your final decision. These reviews will provide insight into what works in different environments and for which pursuits. They will also point out any flaws in a particular kayak. Pelican kayaks can be as versatile as scuba diving equipment, and the price is reasonable for its quality. They are also built by scuba enthusiasts, so you can rest assured that you will get the best bang for your buck.

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