Where Are Pelican Kayaks Manufactured?

Pelican kayaks are made with durable rotomolded plastic, called RAM-X. This type of plastic is abrasion-resistant and features multiple layers for added stiffness. Because of this material’s durability, Pelican kayaks are significantly heavier than aluminum kayaks.

Confluence conglomerate

Pelican kayaks are an important part of outdoor recreation. Pelican recently acquired Confluence Outdoor, which was the manufacturer of Werner paddles. The merger allowed Pelican to expand their product line and make Pelican kayaks even better. The acquisition was made with the help of Reed Smith LLP and Nexsen Pruet, LLC.

Confluence Outdoor is a conglomerate that manufactures and distributes paddle boards, kayaks, and other watersports equipment. Their products range from standup paddleboards to kayaks, and they also distribute imported paddle boards. They began their business in the 1980s by importing Lazer kayaks from the United Kingdom. Later, they began manufacturing their own models and soon began distributing them across the world. Their brands also include Wave Sport, a licensee of the company.

The Pelican brand has been growing at a rapid rate. The company currently has 700 employees. Confluence and Advanced Elements each employ about 25 people. The companies are currently on a growth cycle and expect their sales to increase by 30 percent by 2020.

Pelican kayaks are one of the premier brands of paddle sports equipment. With more than 50 years in the industry, Pelican has become a leader in the paddlesports industry. It manufactures kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, and standup paddleboards.

South Carolina

Pelican kayaks are a great value for beginners. They’re not the most powerful kayaks on the market, but they’re great for short trips on calm water. If you want more power, you can opt for one of Pelican’s fishing kayaks.

The history of Pelican can be traced back to Canada in the 1960s. The company was founded by Gerard Elie, who created the first plastic pedal boat with the help of thermoforming. The company’s journey began with this invention and continues with the same zeal for innovative technologies.

Pelican kayaks are made from recycled post-industrial plastic and rotomolded polyethylene. The hull and deck are then fused together, and all accessories are installed by hand. This ensures a sturdy, comfortable kayak for anyone who uses it. Pelican kayaks are also built to last a long time.

Pelican kayaks are built in the USA by skilled craftsmen. They are designed for fishing, recreation, and touring. Pelican kayaks are made in Greenville, South Carolina, and are known for their quality and affordability. Their paddles feature innovative features for the avid paddler. They also make pedal kayaks that are stable and easy to use.

Pelican kayaks are made from a durable plastic that withstands impacts and abrasion. Its multiple layers of plastic make it stronger and more resilient to damage. They are more expensive than aluminum kayaks, but they are more sturdy and easier to maneuver in the water.

Pelican kayaks come in a wide range of sizes, from six-foot solo models to 13.5-foot tandem kayaks. The average length of a single-person Pelican kayak is around 10 feet. Generally, shorter kayaks are easier to handle, but longer kayaks have faster glide and better maneuverability.


Pelican is a Canadian company based in Laval, Quebec. The company has been manufacturing kayaks and other watercraft for over 50 years. Today, Pelican has merged with Confluence Outdoors, bringing together two leading paddlesports brands, including Perception, Dagger and Wilderness Systems. It also manufactures paddles and inflatables.

Pelican kayaks are the flagship of the company. They are known for being durable and lightweight. They are available at a variety of retailers throughout North America. Unlike other brands, Pelican kayaks are manufactured in Quebec. The company is a family-run company with high-quality manufacturing standards.

The company has invested millions of dollars into this project, including modern production line equipment. The project will create 180 new jobs in the region over the next several years. Pelican is the largest plastic boat manufacturer in the world, and they are committed to bringing people outdoors and making water sports fun for everyone.

The RAM-X plastic used in Pelican kayaks has a high shock-resistance. Its multiple layers of plastic help the kayaks rebound to their original shape even after being hit with something hard. Pelican kayaks are renowned for their high-quality and customer service. They are made from durable high-density polyethylene and are made in three production facilities in North America.

Pelican kayaks are crafted to last a lifetime and can be used for countless adventures. The company has recently acquired Confluence Outdoors LLC in South Carolina. This acquisition adds to Pelican’s already impressive line of paddle sports equipment. The company’s products include recreational, high-performance fishing and whitewater kayaks. The company also focuses on environmental-friendliness manufacturing.

The Pelican Mustang 100x kayak is a recreational craft for beginners and experienced paddlers in protected waters. It’s not intended to be used for long distance paddling. For this reason, it’s important to check the water for navigation hazards, man-made and natural.

The Pelican Mustang 100x kayak is made from ram-X plastic that can withstand impacts and return to shape even after being flexed. The kayak is produced using a thermoforming process, wherein plastic sheets are heated to a pliable temperature and shaped over a mold. The lightweight, sturdy hull allows the Mustang 100x kayak to weigh only 39 pounds. This lightweight kayak also has a number of useful outfitting features.