where are riot kayaks made

Where Are Riot Kayaks Made?

Are you wondering where are Riot Kayaks made? If you are, you’re not alone. Riot Kayaks are manufactured in China. Kayak Distribution is a family of companies that produce other kayak brands, including Cobra Kayaks, Beluga Outdoor Gear, and Riot Paddleboards. Riot Kayaks are sold across North America through a dealer network. Read on to learn more about the company’s history and how they produce their kayaks. fly fishing kayaks

The Riot brand was started in Quebec, Canada in 2003. It has grown to be one of the leading names in whitewater kayaks. The Riot Edge 14.5 is the company’s most popular model, and its lightweight construction makes it ideal for touring and fishing. The Riot Edge 14.5 Thermo uses a thermoform construction to reduce weight and create a sleeker look. The Polarity 16.5 is a stable two-person kayak that is compact and easy to carry.

Aside from making whitewater kayaks, Riot also manufactures touring, fishing, and recreational kayaks. They are a Canadian company that has a factory in China and distributes their products globally. They also offer lessons and hire professionals for river surfing in Montreal. They also sell accessories and equipment. Ultimately, they are dedicated to providing quality, durable, and eco-friendly kayaks for paddlers. So, where are Riot Kayaks made?

Riot makes a variety of recreational kayaks, all of which are made from different materials. The Quest and Bayside recreational kayaks are popular among first-time paddlers and experienced kayakers. The Mako fishing kayaks are more expensive, but offer excellent performance and comfort. Riot makes recreational and touring kayaks in all sizes, as well as the newest versions. These kayaks are made with Cross-Max, a material that has become a standard for kayaks. Although it may seem expensive, it is worth it.

The story behind Riot Kayaks is quite complicated. The company has a long history in Quebec. The company’s founder, Jeff Rivest, was also the CEO. As part of his bankruptcy filing, he decided to move production and operations overseas. He only left a small staff at the Montreal office, which shut down in December. But, despite the scandal, Riot Kayaks continue to be made in the same place, just in a different location.