where do vibe kayaks ship from

Where Do Vibe Kayaks Ship From?

If you’ve purchased a Vibe kayak, you’re probably wondering where they ship from. Here’s some information to help you decide. First, you’ll need to determine where you’re located. If you live outside of the continental U.S., you can choose a nearby location, or select a local store. For more information, visit the Vibe Kayak website. Vibe Kayaks ships internationally. best sit in fishing kayaks

Whether you live in Oregon or California, a Vibe kayak will help you experience the beauty of nature while preserving your environment. These kayaks are molded from rotomolded plastic. Plastic is poured into a mold that’s heated to spread the plastic evenly, then cooled. The result is a kayak with good looks and a wide variety of great features for a great price. You can’t go wrong with Vibe kayaks.

In addition to offering quality paddling kayaks, Vibe also makes standup paddleboards and other accessories. A dedicated fishing kayak is available for a small additional fee, which is usually less than $199. And while you’re there, why not buy a Vibe fishing kayak? This brand is a reliable one, fresh from the marketplace. If you’re looking to buy a Vibe kayak, make sure to check out their social media presence, YouTube videos, and testimonials to see what other customers have to say about their kayaks.

Vibe Kayaks will continue to sell their products online. If you’re an Authorized Dealer, they’ll still ship to you, but they’ll only ship to locations within the territory of the dealer. They’ll also honor MAP pricing for dealers. They will make every effort to direct your customers to your dealer. In this way, they’ll be able to avoid any problems with reselling Vibe kayaks.

If you buy a Vibe kayak online, you’ll save even more money. You can usually find plenty of inventory in stock. The manufacturer in China is also regularly refreshing their supplies. The internet and local paddle shops also carry plenty of Vibe kayaks, so you’ll never have a hard time finding one that fits your needs. The brand is an excellent buy, and is priced well below other brands. You’ll also save hundreds of dollars compared to other premium models.

Vibe offers three models to choose from, including a 10-foot and 12-foot tandem. Each comes with different features and size options. The Skipjack is a traditional low-profile seat, perfect for rivers that are rough. The Yellowfin is an upgrade to the Skipjack, featuring a more comfortable frame seat and a round day hatch in the deck. Both are available in ten-foot and twelve-foot solos, with a 13-foot tandem.