where to buy equinox kayaks

Where to Buy Equinox Kayaks

Equinox kayaks are well-rounded crossovers that combine the performance and comfort of sea kayaks with recreational features. They feature two watertight hatches for storing your gear. These are perfect for expeditions and long days on the water. In addition to the hatch, the Equinox kayak has two bungees in front of the seat for storing spare paddles and other items. These can be easily accessed while paddling by placing your hand or foot on the bungees. fishing pedal kayaks

Eddyline makes an Equinox kayak that combines the performance of a recreational kayak with the stability of a sea kayak. The hull is designed with hard chines for tracking and efficiency. The Equinox also has an ample cockpit with thigh braces. It’s fully rigged for added safety and comfort, and features retractable carrying handles and security loops for your convenience. The Equinox is also equipped with hip pads and a three-way adjustable backrest for comfort.