Where to Buy Fissot Kayaks For Sale

where to buy fissot kayaks

If you’re looking for a fishing kayak, you’re in luck. There are many different options for Fissot kayaks on the market, but if you’re not sure which one to choose, read on for some helpful advice. You’ll find out where to buy the right one for your needs, as well as how to choose the right size. We’ll also look at price and storage options.

MFK003 Modular Standing Fishing Kayak

The Fissot MFK003, or modular standing fishing kayak, is an electric fishing kayak that features an adjustable side wing for increased stability. It comes with a 12-volt battery that powers the motor and runs for two to three hours. It also has a charging station that takes about three hours. The electric system has a total power output of 480 watts. The kayak has ample storage space, with a bow hatch with a removable liner and horizontal rod storage. Likewise, it comes with a paddle for emergency use.

The Fissot MFK003, or modular standing fishing kayak, has a polypropylene frame that supports a body and two wings. Its size falls within the short kayak category, and its dimensions are eleven feet, thirty-five inches long by sixteen inches wide. Its wings can be folded for easy storage and transport. Its weight capacity is about 440 pounds. It is made of 100% virgin Bayer 8-mm polycarbonate sheet and marine-grade corrosion-resistant hardware. It includes a hull, two paddles, an electric motor, a remote control and a battery. It also comes with four airbags and a set of screws for easy assembly.

Another great feature of the Fissot MFK003, which is self-propelled, is the integrated stand-up support bar. It features an electric motor with a six-mph top speed, and features large storage compartments and integrated fishing rod holders. Moreover, the kayak is equipped with a speed controller that lets you adjust the speed at which you can paddle.


When you’re looking for the best price on Fissot kayaks for sale, it helps to consider the primary purpose for which you plan to use your boat. Some fissot kayaks are designed to be used for fishing, while others are built for general recreational use. Whatever your purpose may be, you can find one at an affordable price from Fissot. But how do you know which one is best?

Among the Fissot kayaks for sale, the MFK003 Modular Fishing Kayak is a unique model. This sit-on-top fishing kayak has a spacious cockpit and three rod holders. It comes with a motorized propeller, as well as foot pedals on the front. In addition to a pedal system, the MFK003 has a seat and back support, but does not include a backrest or a cushioned back.

The MFK003 Fissot fishing kayak is equipped with a polypropylene frame and two wing paddles. The kayak body is 11′ x 33.5′ x 16.6″, which places it in the short kayak class. This model comes with all the necessary accessories, including a battery that must be 55-60 AH. Another feature of the MFK003 is the optional electric motor, which comes with a remote control and battery. It can reach speeds of ten to twelve kilometers per hour, with a draft of eighteen inches. The kayak wings are foldable for easy transportation.

The MFK003 is a good option for recreational fishing. The kayak’s motor is operated by a 12-volt deep-cycle marine battery. Although the deep-cycle marine battery is the cheapest option, it is heavy and has poor performance. The more expensive lithium-ion batteries are stronger and lighter, but they cost about three times as much as lead-acid ones. These batteries are not as durable as the former, so you should always compare them before purchasing.


The Fissot fishing kayak has a polypropylene frame that supports the body and two wing seats. Its dimensions are 11’x 33.5″x 16.6″ and it falls under the short kayak class. The kayak comes with optional accessories such as a fishing rod, paddle, and paddle holder. The kayak also has a rudder that you can attach to it for steering.

The Old Town model is an excellent fishing kayak with ample storage capacity. It has two hatches with click-seal covers and an exo-ridge tank well. It also has a removable pedal drive. This kayak’s storage space is generous, with room for 500 pounds of gear. The MFK003 is a good choice for small-time fishermen looking for a comfortable boat. However, it’s not built for rivers or turbulent flows. Rather, it’s a perfect option for small bodies of water.

One of the best features of the Fissot fishing kayak is its versatility. It’s perfect for fishing, and the kayak’s low-density polyethylene construction is durable in both ocean and still water. It also comes with an electric motor, which lasts for up to three hours of paddling. The motor has a built-in battery box, so it won’t drain as quickly as a conventional kayak.

Another feature of the Fissot kayak is its motor. The motor can be connected to a mobile device to give you directions and track your location. Aside from that, the kayak has an adjustable Vantage seat with lumbar support and a non-slip deck. The maximum weight capacity of a Fissot kayak is 600 pounds. Aside from being lightweight, the Fissot kayak also offers numerous storage options. There is a bow hatch with removable liner and an extensive cargo area.

Storage options

When it comes to fishing, there are several different storage options for Fissot kayaks. Some of these kayaks are motorized and have plenty of storage space, while others don’t. You can choose from kayaks with pedals, rod holders, or even motorized kayaks that can paddle in a straight line. Some boats also feature a storage box for your batteries. The storage options for Fissot kayaks are numerous and include rod holders, stabilizers, and even a battery box.

Whether you plan to fish in a river, lake, or the ocean, you’ll want to have enough space for all of your gear. If you’re looking for a fishing kayak, you can purchase a Sit-On-Top model with plenty of storage space and a 480-watt motor. Many of these kayaks are available through a reseller on Alibaba, where you can find a great price on a variety of products.

Motor options

When you need an extra motor for your kayak, you should consider purchasing a motorized one. There are several different motor options for Fissot kayaks. The one with the highest motor power is the Fissot 1-Person Folding Jet Plastic Kayak. This lightweight motored kayak is designed with a large storage area and features a rudder controller and adjustable center bar for extra support.

If you prefer a pedal-drive motor, you can find one with a propeller or one with a fin. However, these motors have limited movement in shallow waters, and the propeller can get caught in weeds and snags, leading to a tangled mess. Also, some pedal-drive motors are stealthy and don’t make any noise. While you can choose any motor you want, you should also consider your fishing style, budget, and how often you plan to use the kayak.

There are many different motor options for Fissot kayaks, and each has its own unique features and advantages. The most important factor is safety, and you should always make sure to choose a kayak with an adjustable seat. Paddle-drive kayaks also tend to be more stable than motor-powered ones. However, if you plan to carry additional gear or passengers, a motor-driven kayak may not be the right option for you.

For fishing in the ocean, an electric motor can be a great option. These motors are battery-powered and can run for a couple of hours. If you want to go longer than this, you can use an electric trolling motor. If you don’t want to stand on the seat of the kayak, you can purchase an electric motor mount that extends the tiller. This allows you to easily reach your fishing spot without sacrificing safety.

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