Where to Buy Fissot Kayaks

where to buy fissot kayaks

The Fissot kayak is a versatile fishing and kayak that performs well in both the ocean and still waters. This versatile kayak is constructed of a durable low-density polyethylene material. They come with electric motors, built-in battery box and a three-hour battery life. This model is great for the whole family, and even a novice can use it! Here are some of the most important facts about this kayak:

MFK003 Modular Standing Fishing Kayak

If you’re an avid fisherman, you’ll appreciate the Fissot MFK003, a modular standing fishing kayak. Featuring traditional designs and a modern electric motor, this kayak can reach 7.5 miles per hour. If you’re tired of paddle-powered kayaks, you can easily switch over to a manual paddle by holding the handle on one side of the kayak.

The Fissot MFK003, a modular standing fishing kayak, features a polypropylene frame, which supports a body and two wings. The body is eleven feet long and approximately 33 inches wide, and has a draft of about 18 inches. The kayak also comes with a motor and a paddle. It is available in both manual and electric models, so you can choose which option best suits your needs.

It comes with integrated stand-up support bars, a cockpit with a large seat, and a storage compartment for your fishing gear. The kayak has a 480W battery-powered motor that pushes the kayak up to a top speed of six mph. A large storage hatch and integrated fishing rod holders make it convenient to carry a lot of gear. It also features a bunged cargo area.

The Fissot MFK003, like many other models, features plenty of storage. It features two side hatches and a central storage hatch, which is great for storing dry items or a freshly caught fish. The hatches are covered with rubber but are not waterproof. The kayak also includes a large water bottle holder in the cockpit, and two additional storage hatches on the arms. This lightweight kayak can support up to 500 pounds of gear.


There are many benefits to buying a Fissot kayak. First of all, this type of kayak is designed with an extraordinary amount of stability. This is because of the retractable stabilizers, which provide outstanding balance. Second of all, the kayak also has an electric motor built in, which can help you speed up to 6 mph. And lastly, it has a built-in storage compartment for your catch.

The Fissot jet fishing kayak is one of the most popular models of motorized kayaks on the market. It is built for fishermen and offers plenty of storage space. The motor is mounted at the rear and provides enough stability to fish. It also has rod holders, pedals, a battery box, and stabilizers for extra stability. This type of kayak is ideal for fishermen who prefer to use a motorized kayak.

Other features of a Fissot fishing kayak include its motorized features and easy portability. The MFK003 modular sit-on-top is designed for one person and has three rod holders. It also provides forward propulsion at speeds up to six miles per hour, allowing you to paddle around the lake while fishing. While it does not have back support, it does feature a large cockpit that can easily accommodate a comfortable seat and back rest.

Other features of a Fissot kayak include the rudder, motor mount, and paddle. All of these factors are important when purchasing a kayak, but most people do not consider them when buying one. The rudder can be turned in either direction, and it is important to make sure the motor mount is solid, and that the cables and connections are tight. These features help you choose the right kayak for the right body of water.

Seats are an important part of a kayak. They should be adjustable and have ample room for stretching legs. Additionally, a comfortable seat will provide you with a good view of the water and allow you to cast your line without straining your back. A sit-on-top kayak will also have a secure spot to mount a fish finder or transducer, which is essential for successful kayak fishing.


If you are looking for a quality kayak for fishing, look no further than the Fissot Fishing Kayak. Its unique design and versatile capabilities make it the perfect choice for those who want to paddle in both still waters and the ocean. Made of high-density polyethylene (LDPE), this kayak is lightweight yet durable, with a top speed of twelve kilometers per hour. Its features include a built-in battery box and an electric motor, which makes it the perfect kayak for fishing.

The evolution motor provides powerful thrust at a low noise level. The kayak comes with a dual kill switch for added safety. Its Bluetooth-enabled control unit can pair with a mobile device for navigation. The device can also function as a tracker. The kayak is equipped with a Vantage seat with adjustable lumbar support. Its maximum weight capacity is 600 pounds. It also has plenty of storage options, including a rectangular hatch, a horizontal rod storage area, and a large bunged cargo area.

Aside from these features, Fissot offers a range of prices for its products. The MFK003 Fishing Kayak, for example, retails for $2,900. However, angling-specific kayaks can reach the $3000 mark quickly, so it is important to do your research before you buy. If you’re in the market for a kayak for fishing, you should be aware of the fact that Fissot is a brand that stands behind its products.

While a premium kayak is naturally heavy and bulky, the new fishing kayak from Fissot is surprisingly lightweight. Its 40-bls motor gives it an advantage in handling water and is also easy to maneuver in. Most anglers consider premium kayaks as naturally heavy and prefer motorized models. However, this does not mean that you should avoid a high-end kayak just because it’s motorized. By choosing a lightweight kayak, you’ll save on battery power and maintain your balance at full speed.

The MFK003 is another sit-on-top fishing kayak from Fissot. This fishing kayak is equipped with three rod holders and is equipped with foot pedals at the front for propulsion. This kayak is also equipped with a seat, but does not offer back support. This makes it a versatile option for fishing. If you’re looking for a kayak that can handle more than one person, then you’ll want to choose one that has a seat and adjustable foot pedals.

Where to buy

If you are wondering where to buy Fissot kayaks, you’re not alone. The world has seen many of them in person. Some have built-in rod holders and storage for caught fish, while others are designed with fishing enthusiasts in mind. No matter where you live, there’s a Fissot kayak for you. If you’re a first-timer to kayaking, you can choose a simple one for under $300.

The MFK003 Modular Fishing Kayak by Fissot is a single-person sit-on-top machine with three rod holders and forward propulsion at 6 mph. Its large cockpit is equipped with foot pedals at the front and a seat for fishing. There is no back support, but it is comfortable and allows you to stand up while fishing. If you are new to kayaking, you might be unsure how to find the right kayak for your needs.

The Air Pro MAX is an excellent choice for fishing. Made of high-density polyethylene, the kayak is comfortable to sit in and features padded footrests. It has a flat standing platform that enhances casting accuracy. The kayak weighs just under eighty pounds and can be easily pushed through still waters. There are even extra storage compartments for your equipment. And if you’re going for a more challenging fishing trip, a motorized kayak is the perfect option.

The Fissot MFK003 Fishing Kayak is another great option. The body of the boat is lightweight, and the two wing seats are adjustable. It also has an electric motor that lasts for two to three hours. A fully charged battery provides about 480 watts of power. It also comes with a paddle in case the electric power fails. It is possible to purchase a Fissot kayak at a variety of retail outlets.

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