Where to Buy Kayaks in Chicago

where to buy kayaks in chicago

Naperville Kayak

If you are looking for a place to buy Naperville Kayaks in the Chicago area, there are several places to choose from. The first location is located in the Naperville Riverwalk, which is a great place for a family outing or a photo shoot. You can even rent a paddle boat or kayak if you like. You can also find them at the Paddleboat Quarry, which is located southwest of Eagle Street and Jackson Avenue. However, remember that they are only open on non-school days.

Naperville Kayaks focuses on the beginning to intermediate kayaker. They offer beginner lessons on Quarry Lake and trips on the DuPage and Fox rivers. Customers begin their trips at Pioneer Park on South Washington Street and shuttle upriver to Burlington Park, where they will paddle through downtown Naperville. During the trip, they can also take in the city’s Riverwalk and the Riverwalk.

Chicago kayaking is an activity that can be enjoyed alone or as a group. It is the perfect combination of exercise and relaxation. You can feel the sun on your face as you ride the currents of the local waterway. You can also learn how to paddle a kayak or paddleboard.

If you are looking for a discount on a Naperville Kayak, there are several places to choose from. The Land of Nod Outlet is one place where you can find discount kayaks. This store features over 20 percent off and many items are on sale. It is located right next to the Crate and Barrel Outlet.


Chicago is a city where you can buy kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and canoes. Many of these places also sell fishing licenses and other equipment. The city is working to turn its rivers into recreational frontiers. These projects will encourage community involvement in river revitalization.

The Chicago Park District is developing four new boathouses on the Chicago River. They are part of an effort to increase community access to the Chicago River and its tributaries. The boathouses will also feature kayak rentals and limited parking. However, not many people know about these facilities.

If you want to buy a kayak in Chicago, REI has a boathouse in Chinatown. It’s a great launch spot if you’re planning a kayaking trip on the south branch of the river. The south branch is quieter and wider than the main river, so you won’t have to worry about crashing into larger boats.

The new River Park Boathouse opened in October 2014, costing $1.4 million. It includes boat storage, a canopy area, and a launch dock for kayaks. Unfortunately, the Boathouse is rarely open. There are metal boxes filled with canoes and kayaks. But Terry Johnson, the nephew of a Lincoln Square resident, tried it one sunny morning last summer. But the store was closed, and it was very confusing to find a spot to park.

The new Clark Park Boathouse is another location for kayak rentals. It’s a Jeanne Gang-designed facility. It’s a large structure with two separate buildings. One will house the Chicago Rowing Foundation’s 65-foot-long boats, while the other will house North Park University’s boats.

Independence Grove Forest Preserve

Located about an hour north of Chicago, Independence Grove is a great place for kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. With a large lake and tree-lined shoreline, it is a great place for beginners. There are also kayak rentals available on site. In addition, the lake is inland, meaning that it does not have strong currents.

Independence Grove is home to over six miles of trails. It offers kayak and canoe rentals, as well as paddle boards and human-propelled pontoon boats. There are also playgrounds and concessions. The park also has parking for Lake County residents, which is free during the week. Non-residents will need to pay $5 during the week, and $10 on weekends.

The Independence Grove Forest Preserve has a 115-acre lake, which is a great place for a kayak trip. It also features a bike path, with a 60-mile part-paved, part-gravel route that hugs the Des Plaines River.

Kayak rentals in Chicago are available from the Chicago River Canoe and Kayak company. Renting a kayak in Chicago is $40 per person for sixty minutes. You must be at least 18 years old to rent a kayak. There are also kayak rentals on the North Branch of the Chicago River, which is further away from the city and less crowded.

Independence Grove also offers kayak rentals for an hour or two. The park also offers canoes for rent for an entire day or half day, and the cost is around $30. In addition, the forest preserve offers a You Too Can Canoe event for ages seven and up on June 28 from 6:30 to eight p.m. The program includes basic canoeing instruction, a trip on the water, and s’mores around a fire. To sign up, contact the park before June 24th.

Skokie Lagoons

If you love paddling, the Skokie Lagoons are the place for you. This area features seven lagoons connected by channels on the Skokie River. Lagoon #2 has the greatest depth, at 14.9 feet, and other lagoons have pockets of 10 feet or more. The Tower Road Boat Launch offers easy trailered access to the lagoons.

To get around the lagoons, you can rent a kayak or canoe. You can find these watercraft at local kayak rentals. In addition to renting kayaks, Skokie Lagoons has a boathouse for public use. The boathouse will provide kayak and canoe rentals, restroom facilities, reintroduction of native species, and ADA compliant parking and signage.

The Skokie Lagoons is located about 30 minutes from downtown. The Chicago Botanic Garden is nearby and is a great place to take a kayak ride. The lake is clean and has plenty of places to stop and fish. It is a great place for families to spend a weekend day together.

The Skokie Lagoons is one of the best segments of the Chicago River water trail. It is managed by the Cook County Forest Preserves and has seven interconnected lagoons. The water flows gently south from the Chicago Botanic Garden and eventually into the Skokie River. Unlike the upper sections of the Chicago River, the inner islands are kept below water level.

If you’d like to go kayaking in the city, the Loop offers several places to rent kayaks. The Riverwalk in the Loop is full of restaurants, shops, and small parks. It is one of the best places to rent a kayak in the city.