Where to Buy Kayaks

If you’re in the market for a kayak, you’ll probably be asking yourself where to buy a kayak. Fortunately, there are many options for buying kayaks and canoes. Whether you’re looking for a recreational or racing kayak, there are a number of places to buy kayaks. These include sports stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Costco, Amazon, and Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

If you’re in the market for a new kayak, consider purchasing one from Dick’s Sporting Goods. You can save up to 45% off regular prices and choose from a huge variety of kayaks. You can browse kayak reviews online before you purchase, especially if you don’t have the chance to try out the kayak before you buy it. Dick’s also offers free in-store pick-up if you buy a kayak for over $85 and you’re not going to want to pay for shipping.

Bryan Orrio and Kelley McCallum sued Dick’s Sporting Goods for negligence, claiming that the store sold them dangerous floor models. In a lawsuit filed against Dick’s, the two women are suing for $455,000 each. They bought an Old Town Trip 10 kayak, which they intended to use on the Santiam River. When they got to the Mehama River, they found out that the kayaks were filled with water and were starting to sink.


If you’re in the market for a kayak, Costco may be the place to buy it. Not only does Costco carry a variety of boats, but they also sell fishing kayaks and recreational kayaks. Costco kayaks are popular with families, but if you want a more advanced kayak, you can always buy a fishing kayak from another company. You can find many different kayaks at Costco, including inflatable ones.

When buying kayaks from Costco, be sure to choose the right size for you. A 12 foot boat will accommodate people who are 225 pounds and 6 feet tall. Check the footrests and fabric for any signs of wear and tear. You might not want to use your cell phone as your primary communication device, but it’s still worth looking into. Kayaks from Costco can also be outfitted with accessories such as live wells and rod holders.


The best place to buy kayaks online is probably Amazon. The online retailer specializes in kayaks, and it has a huge selection of brands. You can even save a bit of money by signing up for Amazon Prime to get free shipping on large items. In addition to a large selection, Amazon kayaks often have lower prices than you can find at other retailers. Additionally, you have 30 days to return them if you’re not satisfied. Of course, you’re responsible for paying for shipping back.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is another great online source. This large sporting goods store offers kayaks online and in-store. It has a wide variety of kayaks in stock, and it also has many locations throughout the U.S. You can also buy accessories from Dick’s, including sleeping bags. The online store also has a 90-day return policy. It’s a great place to buy your kayak if you live near one of its locations.

Sportsman’s Warehouse

When it comes to buying a recreational kayak, it’s important to choose one that is stable, easy to maneuver, and offers a good all-around performance. There are many types of kayaks on the market, from sit-inside kayaks to recreational models, and you can find a wide variety of kayak brands from Sportsman’s Warehouse. You’ll find everything you need to enjoy kayaking from the top brands, including Lifetime, Evoke, Old Town, and Aquaglide.

Although kayaking has become popular in recent years, there’s still a lot of competition for available models. If you’re interested in purchasing a kayak, it helps to know where to buy them. Sportsman’s Warehouse has more than 110 stores nationwide and is located in all four contiguous states, including Alaska. Their largest presence is on the west coast, with locations in Oregon, Washington, and California. Their other locations are spread out throughout the other 25 states.

Bass Pro/Cabelas

If you’re not sure where to buy kayaks, a great place to start is a Bass Pro or Cabelas store. These outdoor gear stores often run kayak sales as part of their promotional marketing campaigns, and the sales are an excellent way to save money on a new boat. While most stores don’t sell kayaks, they do sell a wide variety of other items.

If you live in the U.S., you can also check out Scheels. They’re a large kayak retailer, both online and in their massive superstores. Some locations even have an operating Ferris wheel, making them a fun stop for the whole family. Kayaks are generally recreational sit-on-top models, and you’ll likely find some great deals there. A popular brand is Scheels, which sells a variety of recreational sit-on-top kayaks for families.

Austin Kayak

The Austin Kayak Company is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is part of the Other Amusement and Recreation Industries industry. Currently, there are nine employees and approximately $7.69 million in annual sales. With the help of D&B Hoovers, you can quickly identify key contacts and prioritize your most promising prospects. You can find out how much your prospects are willing to pay for your product. It only takes a few minutes to learn about Austin Kayak, LLC’s business profile.

While the company has recently merged with a large ski retailer, it continues to sell kayaks and canoes. The merger brings together the expertise of Austin Kayak and Summit Sports, a chain of four retail locations in Michigan. The two companies’ combined resources and expertise were beneficial to the outdoor activities industry, but the merger didn’t work out so well. Nevertheless, there is still room for growth in the Austin Kayak company.