where to find kayaks in naperville

Where to Find Kayaks in Naperville

If you are looking for a place to rent a kayak in Naperville, you are in luck. The city is filled with kayak rental companies, and they often have sales and promotions during special times of the year. From Memorial Day to Black Friday, these stores offer discounts for kayak rentals. If you’d like to rent a kayak for your own use, make sure to check out these local shops! We’ve listed the best ones below. fly fishing kayaks

Naperville Kayak is one of two locations you can rent a kayak. The company provides rentals in the park’s Whalon Lake, which is an 80-acre lake. Although it’s located in Naperville, you can find the same types of kayak rentals at nearby Whalon Lake, which is located near Route 53 in Bolingbrook. Naperville Kayak is a local business with an existing partnership with the Naperville Park District.

Naperville Kayak offers a variety of rentals, including tandem and single-person kayaks. Kayak rentals are offered at a minimum of $20 for adults and $20 for children. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. The company will provide the necessary safety equipment and instruction, including life jackets. You can also rent paddle boats and kayaks, but the availability of these activities will depend on public interest and weather conditions.

There are two main parks where you can rent a kayak. The northernmost put-in is at Lion’s Park, which is located on Beecher Avenue two blocks west of Winfield Road. A couple of miles downstream are Blackwell Forest Preserve and Warrenville Grove. During the week, there are also outings at these locations. There’s also a boat launch at Silver Lake. If you’re looking for a lake, make sure to check with the park and state regulations before you hit the water.