Where to Launch Kayaks on James Island SC

where to launch kayaks on james island sc

If you are looking for a quiet place to launch a kayak on James Island, you should head to Sol Legare, a landing on the Stono River. The area is about 3 miles from Sandy Point, where you can enjoy the tranquility of the beach. When planning your trip, make sure to consider tides to determine the best time to launch. Read on for more information.

Cuckhold’s Creek

If you are looking for a quiet creek where you can launch your kayak, consider Cuckhold’s Creek. The peaceful creek runs near the intersection of White Hall and Combahee Roads. It was used for filming “Forrest Gump” and still bears signs of the island’s rice plantation days. However, the area now features a diverse range of plant and wildlife, as well as numerous bird species.

Another good place to launch kayaks on James Island is Sol Legare. It is located on the banks of the Stono River and is about three miles away from Sandy Point. While you’re there, try to plan your trip around tides. This will ensure that you’ll have enough time to paddle to both ends of the island. Once you’re finished paddling, make sure to return to Cuckhold’s Creek so you don’t miss the next tide.

In addition to Cuckold’s Creek, there are two other places where you can launch your kayak on James Island SC. Cuckold’s Creek splits off into Folly Creek and Cuckold’s Creek and spills into the Combahee River. This creek then continues downstream through marshlands before it flows into the Combahee River. If you’re traveling from one location to another, you can find a parking area and a concrete ramp at the Sugar Hill Landing and Cuckhold’s Creek, both on the same road.

Remley’s Point

If you’re looking for a convenient place to launch your kayak, Remley’s Point is an excellent option. This landing is located in Mount Pleasant, which makes it convenient for kayak enthusiasts to explore downtown. There is a wide variety of activities to do at this landing, including access to the Charleston Harbor and several creeks and tributaries. Although the public boat ramp is easily accessible, caution is advised at all times, and it’s best to plan on a day that will prevent you from getting lost.

The Wando River, located upstream of Remley’s Point, is a beautiful spot for paddleboarding. It’s also close to Folly Beach Road, making it ideal for families. From here, you can head downstream to explore the Wando River and Cooper River. If you’re looking for a less challenging kayaking adventure, the Folly Beach Road landing offers a short but fun route to the Wando River.

If you’re not into kayaking, you can rent one at Water Dog Paddle Co, 1880 Andell Bluff Blvd., or you can rent a kayak from the park itself. If you don’t have a kayak yet, you can also rent one at Remley’s Point. There are numerous places to launch kayaks on James Island, so you’re bound to find one that suits your needs.

If you’re planning on kayaking during your vacation, there are a number of public boat landings available in the area. The Wando River boat ramp is run by Charleston County. There are three lanes for launching kayaks here, as well as 45 boat trailer parking spaces. There are also two lanes and a playground at Riverland Terrace. The two lanes at Riverland Terrace are suitable for canoes and kayaks. The riverland Terrace boat ramp is located about a mile up Sol Legare Road.

Shem Creek

For paddleboarding, a popular spot is Shem Creek. It’s located just 15 minutes from downtown Charleston and is close to historic sites, great seafood restaurants, and bars. A paddleboard tour offers a new perspective on Shem Bay and the Charleston Harbor. In addition, paddleboards are a great way to see the city from the water. If you’re planning a trip to Charleston, don’t miss Coastal Expeditions. They offer two-hour guided kayak tours and stand-up paddle-boarding tours.

Kayaks and paddleboards are available for rent from local vendors at the Shem Creek landing. Kayak tours are offered at Shem Creek, including romantic sunset kayak tours. You can also take a paddle & paint tour. A public boat ramp and floating dock are available for paddleboarding. Make sure to pack plenty of water and bug spray, and don’t forget your life jacket!

If you’re planning a paddleboard vacation to Charleston, a boat rental is a great idea. Shem Creek Park is conveniently located close to downtown Charleston, and there are parking spots available in the park and along the street. The park also offers rafting tours to nearby neighborhoods. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a relaxing weekend with friends, a paddleboard tour at Shem Creek Park will be a great way to explore the area.

If you’re looking for a relaxing activity, consider taking a stroll on the boardwalk. This two-mile path offers scenic vistas of Shem Creek, Ravenel Bridge, and the nearby marshes. Shem Creek Park features Henry the Great Egret. Visitors can often spot this iconic bird at Shem Creek Park. The boardwalk is a popular spot to catch a glimpse of Henry the Great Egret and other local wildlife.

There are plenty of places to launch kayaks on James Island SC. You can rent kayaks from Water Dog Paddle Co. Kayak rentals are available at all three locations and can cost as little as $4 per half-hour. Other public kayaking areas include Gadsonville, Awendaw, and Remleys Point. There are several public boat launches on James Island that are free of charge.

Folly Beach

The scenic Folly Beach is one of the most beautiful places to launch kayaks on James Island SC. With plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife, kayaking on Folly Beach will let you spend time with nature. Charleston Paddle Co. runs kayaking trips in Folly Beach. If you are not comfortable paddling alone, you can join a guided tour through Folly Beach. For those who want a more challenging experience, there are several companies that offer guided kayak tours on Folly Beach.

Kayak rentals are available at Folly Beach Adventures. There are sit-on-top kayaks available for rent by the day, half-day, or week. Kayak rentals are also available for waterfront homes. A pier on Folly Beach is the perfect spot to catch some fresh fish. During the offseason, the Pier is closed, so make sure to check the regulations before setting out.

Kayak tours are available throughout the day. The Folly Beach County Park has easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and a river that runs parallel to the coast. This beach is popular all year round. There are lifeguards on duty seasonally, and there are several restrooms and picnic tables in the park. The fee for parking varies from $5 to $10 depending on the time of year, but you can get a gold pass for $85 and have all the amenities that come with it.

Depending on the conditions, you can choose between two or three different kayaking routes. The first one is a four-mile paddle, which takes approximately 2 hours. It’s beautiful, but you’ll need to know how to navigate the channel. There are sharp oyster beds and high tidal ranges that could pose a danger. If you’re planning to paddle around Morris Island, make sure you have the right kayak for the conditions.

Boat launches are available at Folly Beach. Charleston County manages the Folly Beach boat ramp, where you can launch your kayak. It’s managed by the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission and offers four lanes. The Folly River park has restrooms and is located two-tenths of a mile south of the intersection. A boat ramp on Garris Landing, managed by the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, has restrooms and a fishing pier.

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