Where to Launch Kayaks on James Island SC

where to launch kayaks on james island sc

Sol Legare Boat Landing

Sol Legare Boat Landing on James Island is an ideal location for boaters to launch their boats. It has good parking and is large enough to accommodate a large number of boaters at the same time. A newly constructed floating dock and fishing pier have been added to the site, making it a great place to spend your afternoon while out on the water. Additionally, it is a short walk to Folly Center Street.

During the early nineteenth century, James Island was settled with cotton and rice plantations. The majority of the population was enslaved. Maps of the island show slave dwellings. Later, the island was settled by Solomon Legare, a wealthy planter from the French Huguenot community. He established a plantation on the island to cultivate cotton, tobacco, and rice. By the 1870s, the island had become an important site for African American troops.

The Sol Legare boat ramp has two lanes for boat launches, a courtesy dock, and parking for approximately 40 boat trailers. The ramp is also a great place to hand launch canoes and kayaks. The Sol Legare boat ramp is managed by Charleston County. Another boat ramp on James Island is the Steamboat boat ramp, located just 1.1 miles down Parrishville Road.

Sol Legare Boat Landing on James Island offers boaters a beautiful view of the Stono River. The public boat landing is located at the end of Sol Legare Road. This boat ramp provides access to the Stono River between Abbapoola Creek and Green Creek.

Garris Landing

There are several locations on James Island where you can launch your kayak. Most are within walking distance of the historic district. The most convenient is Garris Landing, which is accessed from Garris Road. This location is also convenient for camping, but currents can be a problem.

This location is about 3 miles from the mainland, and the one-way paddle will cover more than 5 miles. However, this route is not marked, so it is best to paddle with a guide. Also, navigating the marshes can be tricky, so it is essential to use a map and paddle with the tides.

Other locations include Garris Landing and the Folly Beach boat ramp. Both of these have ample parking and are convenient for multiple kayakers. Garris Landing is accessible from Highway US 17, and there are restrooms and a fishing pier nearby.

If you’re planning a kayak fishing trip, make sure to check the weather conditions beforehand. You should also bring bug spray. The weather can be unpredictable in the Lowcountry, so you should be prepared for anything. However, you can have a great time!

The Shem Creek landing is another convenient kayaking spot on James Island. This location offers easy access to the harbor, Sullivan’s Island, and Fort Sumter. This location is close to a picnic area, and there are three launch ramps. It also offers views of the Ashley River.

John P. Limehouse Boat Landing

If you’re looking for a great boating spot in the Charleston area, look no further than John P. Limehouse Boat Landing, located near Wolf Island Camping Area. This public boat landing offers access to the Stono River, one of the area’s most scenic waterways. It’s also open 24 hours a day and is close to Wolf Island, one of the area’s most popular camping spots. Although the Stono River can be rough in some places, John P. Limehouse is one of the safest places to launch your boat.

Another great boat landing on James Island is the John P. Limehouse Boat Landing, located on 495 Main Road, Johns Island, SC 29455 (map). While this ramp is a bit more difficult to navigate, it also offers some of the best views of sunsets. Alternatively, you can try out Church Creek, located in West Ashley’s Pierpoint neighborhood, which is a nice place to launch your kayak or small Jon boat.

Another excellent boat launch on James Island is Sol Legare, which is just off the John F. Limehouse Memorial Bridge. From there, kayakers can paddle up to three miles south to Sandy Point, a quiet beach. Be sure to pay attention to the tides and make sure you bring enough water and sunscreen. And as with any boating adventure, you should never kayak alone.

A prime boat landing on James Island, SC is Sol Legare Boat Landing. This popular landing is located on Stono River and is surrounded by benches and picnic pavilions. The only drawback is that the landing is not easily identifiable with an address. As a result, Sol Legare Boat Landing is a popular spot and can fill up quickly.

Elliot Cut Boat Landing

Located northwest of Charleston, SC, Elliott Cut is a body of water that divides Charleston from James Island. Historically, the island was a center for shrimping and agricultural activity. It also hosts the Holiday Festival of Lights and is home to the Fort Sumter Civil War battle site.

Located near the ICW, this partially man-made passage embraces the northern coast of James Island. Boaters familiar with the area warn of tidal currents and narrow channels in Wappoo Creek and Elliott’s Cut. They have also noted an odd site near the bank of a creek.

The waters surrounding James Island are marshy, shallow, and tidal. This means that they change constantly. Despite the unpredictable nature of the water, Brian was able to complete the swim in just one attempt. Planning the swim took three years, but multiple hurricanes, ear infections, and life’s other interruptions didn’t stop him.

There are several boat landings in Charleston County. The Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission manages 19 of them. These are unstaffed but are available for boat launching. If you’re looking for an accessible boat landing, make sure to visit the Charleston County Parks website. This website contains directions and information about the landings.

A second option for a boat landing is Remleys Point, which has a 24-hour parking lot and easy access to Charleston Harbor. This landing is popular but has limited space. It is a good spot to launch a boat and take in Charleston’s attractions.

A windmill once stood on this site. John Roessler retired from his locksmith business in 1940. The windmill on the property served as his workshop for many years. Roessler also installed a grinding machine that had a whetstone. The windmill also provided a guiding light for mariners.