where to locate fish finders transducers

Where to Locate Fish Finders Transducers

A fish finder transducer is the part of the device that sends a signal into the water and detects an echo. This signal then tells the fisherman the location of the fish and the surrounding surface. The bigger the transducer is, the more information the fish finder can read. ice fish finders reviews

Some transducers can be mounted inside or outside of the hull of a boat. While they are more convenient to install, they are not as effective as through-hull transducers. Choosing the right location for the transducer is essential in order to get the best results. Make sure that the transducer is installed in an area that is flat and free of obstructions.

If you choose to mount your transducer on the outside surface of your boat, you will need to install a bracket. This bracket will vary from model to model, but will come with the mounting hardware you need. The mounting bracket should have holes and will need to be attached to the boat with screws or nails.