where to put in kayaks at summersville lake wv

Where to Put in Kayaks at Summersville Lake, West Virginia

If you are looking for a place to put in your kayaks in Summersville Lake, West Virginia, then you have come to the right place. Summersville Lake is the state’s largest lake and is often referred to as the “Little Bahamas of the East”. It is lined with spectacular sandstone cliffs and has remained relatively undeveloped. Kayakers can explore the coves, waterfalls, and clear water. There is also a paddle-only boat launch where you can launch your kayak and paddle to the water. fishing kayaks with motors

The water on Summersville Lake is a refreshing treat in the summer, especially if you rent a kayak. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, including secluded beaches and wide, calm creeks. You can also bring a boat or camper with you and stay on a lakeside cottage. For an extra-special getaway, there are many options available for kayak rentals.

The Summersville Lake paddles-only boat launch was recently constructed by the WV Department of Natural Resources. The launch is away from the main powered traffic, and is accessed from Route 39 one mile east of Summersville. From there, you can paddle to several spots on the lake, including the mouth of the Top Gauley, Pirate Cove, and Long Point. You can also try your hand at solo kayaking in Summersville Lake if you feel brave enough.

While the lake is not exactly a reservoir, it does represent West Virginia’s natural beauty. In the fall, the Army Corps of Engineers starts scheduling releases on the Gauley River. These releases, which are rated as the world’s best whitewater adventure, draw thousands of paddlers from all over the globe to this West Virginia lake. The resulting gorge is a scenic vista and a great place to put in kayaks.

Summersville Lake is also known for its hunting opportunities, with the surrounding wildlife management area being overseen by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources. You can see black bear, deer, grouse, and other wildlife while kayaking. The lake also features a swimming beach and a campground that has amenities for campers. There are also many kayaks and paddleboards for rent, so you will have no problem finding a kayak rental at Summersville Lake.

For the best paddling opportunities on Summersville Lake, visit in the summer months. It is often busy in the summer months, but the crowds and power boats are annoying. Early spring may also not be the best time to visit the lake as the water level drops after Labor Day. There is a boat ramp near the dam and is free year-round. You can use it to launch your kayak from the lake and paddle to one of the many shorelines that line the shore.

Besides kayak rentals, there are many other activities you can enjoy on Summersville Lake. Scuba and snorkeling charters are two of the most popular summertime activities for locals. You can also swim and scuba dive if you’re a certified scuba diver. The water around Summersville Lake is clean and clear, and kayaks are a fun way to enjoy the water in this scenic spot.