Where to Rent Kayaks in Dallas

where to rent kayaks in dallas

If you’re looking for a place to rent kayaks in Dallas, you’ll want to check out the Trinity River Kayak Co. There are also many natural parts of the Trinity River that are perfect for kayaking. Trinity River Kayak Co. offers kayak rentals and offers views of the Dallas skyline and lush forests. The boat ramp at Trammell Crow Park is 9 minutes from downtown. If you don’t want to travel far from Dallas, you can also head to Viridian Lake Club, which is less than an hour’s drive from downtown.

Trinity River Kayak Co.

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to spend a day, you’ll want to check out Trinity River Kayak Co. in Coppell, Texas. The company rents kayaks and other watercraft, and also offers a variety of kayaking trips. If you’re interested in trying kayaking for the first time, you can reserve a trip online or in person. Once you’ve reserved a kayak, you’ll be shuttled to the launch area. Safety is always a priority, but if you’re unsure of how to use a kayak, you can always rent one.

During low-flow times, you can go kayaking on the Trinity River. The river is low in volume and is often muddy. In fact, much of the Trinity is considered “impaired water” by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Consequently, portions of the Trinity tributaries can have high bacteria levels. The Irving City Council supports a plan to reduce these bacteria levels, and a portion of Trinity’s Elm Fork is not impaired water.

For more information about the paddling trail, visit the Trinity Coalition website. The group manages the Trinity River Paddling Trail, which is 131 miles long and a signature waterway of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Trinity River has several kayaking and canoe launch sites that offer the chance to explore the waterway in a safe, fun way. It is a great way to see what nature has to offer and to meet like-minded people.


For a day of river-paddling in Dallas, consider Rochelle’s Kayak Rentals. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, as well as a variety of other outdoor attractions. Visitors to Dallas can easily drive to nearby attractions like Rodeo West Dallas and Waco. Parking is convenient and easy in Dallas. You can take advantage of the shuttle service to and from the water park.

If you’re planning to paddle on the Brazos River, you’ll want to rent a canoe or kayak. This 20-mile stretch of waterway is home to rocky embankments and Flint Bend, among other attractions. You’ll love the opportunity to get up close to wildlife while you’re out on the water. For a day of canoeing, Rochelle’s Kayak Rentals in Dallas can provide a shuttle service to take you to the waterway.

Viridian Lake Club

Viridian Lake Club has many options for kayak rentals in Dallas, including fully customizable new builds, townhomes, and spec homes. There is a home to fit every budget, and you can even choose your own builder and lot. For those on a tighter budget, preowned homes can provide great value in the same setting. If you are considering renting kayaks in Dallas, you may want to consider the numerous options that are available.

Located near I-30 and 183, Viridian Lake Club offers easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment. Hundreds of miles of trails and parks offer ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. There is also a 25-foot conversation pool, a toddler splash zone, and a Lakeview Events Center for parties, weddings, and other events. Sailing classes and camps are available for those interested in becoming more comfortable on the water. The Lakeview Event Center can be rented for special occasions or events. Viridian is also a good choice for small family gatherings and parties.

Viridian Lake Club offers kayak rentals in Dallas and Arlington. The lake is a large body of water with plenty of room for paddlers of all skill levels. There are beaches, and DFW SURF can arrange classes on the lake for participants of all levels. This is one of the best places to rent kayaks in Dallas. This Dallas kayak rental shop is located on a private lake with luxury homes as a backdrop.

Lake Ray Hubbard

If you are looking for a place to rent kayaks in Dallas, you will want to visit Lake Ray Hubbard. This lake has a 22,000-acre body of water and supports any kind of watercraft – including canoes. During the summer, you will find many people out on the water in canoes, kayaks, and other watercraft. You can rent a kayak or canoes at a nearby park, or rent them from a marina. Many of the marinas and parks around Lake Ray Hubbard offer kayak rental services.

For those who prefer a less strenuous environment, Rowlett Creek is another option for kayaking. This small creek feeds into Lake Ray Hubbard, a popular destination for water enthusiasts in the area. Accessible from Miller Road, Rowlett Creek is an easy waterway for kayakers to explore. It features some level two and three rapids, and is perfect for a leisurely paddle.

If you are interested in fishing, there are several options for you at Lake Ray Hubbard. The lake is well-stocked with several species of fish. If you plan on catching a fish, make sure to bring a small lure like jigs or plastic worms. Also, bring your own fishing gear. Using spinner baits is a great way to catch fish. And don’t forget the light-line! The best fishing spots are near riprap.

Lake Arlington

If you’re interested in kayaking on a beautiful lake in Arlington, Texas, you’ve come to the right place. The area is home to a variety of recreational opportunities, including golf, jet skiing, swimming, and other water activities. If you’d rather spend the day on the water, you can also rent a kayak for $20 per day at Flatwater Kayak, which delivers the kayak to the lake.

Lake Arlington is also a popular destination for fishing. Depending on the season, you can catch different species, such as black bass, crappie, hybrid stripers, and sand bass. Make sure to get a fishing license and know what species you’re targeting. And don’t forget to pack your fishing gear! Lake Arlington has plenty of places to rent watercraft, including kayaks, paddle boats, and jet skis.

Kayak rentals in Lake Arlington can be found near Richmond Simpson Park, which boasts a beautiful playground, boat ramp, and hiking trails. Kayaks can be rented in a variety of styles, so you can find one that suits your needs. The park also features two picnic areas, one with a grill and the other with barbecue pits. If you’d rather spend a day kayaking on the lake, consider renting a canoe or a kayak.

Lake Lewisville

If you’re wondering where to rent kayaks in Dallas, the answer is in the town of Lake Lewisville. There are many fun things to do in this lake-side town, including kayaking and paddle-boarding. If you’re looking for an activity with a group of friends, families, or fitness-conscious travelers, you’ve come to the right place. Kayaks are a great way to explore the lake while paddling around it.

For the best view of the water, head to Little Elm Park Beach. This little cove has a snack bar, a grill, and ample space for sand volleyball. The Fair Winds Bar & Grill has a view of the lake and offers dog-friendly fare and a big screen television for sports fans. Another popular spot for kayaking is Stewart Creek Park in Little Elm. There are picnic tables, as well as a swimming area.

Depending on where you rent your kayak, you can go to the boat ramp at Lake Lewisville. Many boat ramps are free, but there are also fees. It’s worth checking out the various parks around the lake to see if there’s one that is free. You can also rent paddle boards, surfboards, and other water sports equipment at local businesses and events. While you’re on your way to Lake Lewisville, where to rent kayaks in Dallas, here are some of the best places to rent kayaks in Dallas.

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