Where to Rent Kayaks in Lake Crescent

where to rent kayaks lake crescent

You might be wondering where to rent kayaks in Lake Crescent, a 12-mile-long body of water in the Canadian Rockies. You’re in luck! Nearly every site along Lake Crescent rents out watercraft. Check out these locations: Fairholme General Store, Lake Crescent Lodge, and Marymere Falls Trail. Renting a kayak or canoe will let you experience the water like a local.

Fairholme General Store

Near the town of Fairholme, the Olympic Peninsula boasts a beautiful body of water known as Lake Crescent. Its deepest point is 650 feet. Its water temperature is relatively comfortable year-round, but cold water temperatures can quickly wear you out, and dog-paddling is tricky. Inexperienced kayakers often rent kayaks from the Fairholme General Store and head out on the lake without life jackets or dog-paddling. Eventually, they capsize and need rescue. If they’re not near the lake, they may need to paddle a mile or more to reach help.

Fairholme Campground is located on the west end of Lake Crescent. This campground provides direct access to the lake and includes a general store, coin-operated laundry, and swimming area. If you’re planning a longer stay, you can also try the nearby Sol Duc Campground, which is small and rustic with fewer than 10 campsites. You can even rent a kayak at Barnes Point on Lake Crescent.

If you’re going to rent a kayak on Lake Crescent, make sure to bring your life jacket! The lake is deep, cold, and has unpredictable wind conditions. Even a sunny day can turn into a rough ride. It’s important to wear a life jacket, and even a helmet. The wind can push you hundreds of feet from the boat launch, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions to avoid getting in trouble.

If you’re traveling with a small motorboat, you can launch it at the Fairholme boat launch. The store offers seasonal rentals and a boat launch for small motorboats. It also has restrooms and two docks. It also offers guided tours of the lake by kayak. Regardless of whether you choose to rent a kayak on your own or hire a kayak rental service, you’ll have a great time!

Lake Crescent Lodge

If you plan to rent kayaks at Lake Crescent Lodge, you’ve come to the right place. The lodge is located right on Lake Crescent, and all rooms offer a view of the lake and surrounding mountains. Kayaking is a popular activity on Lake Crescent, and you can even use the lodge’s kayaks to explore the waters. There are also kayak rental stands located on the property, so you can get started on your adventure immediately.

If you’re staying at Lake Crescent, you can rent kayaks and canoes at several locations. You’ll find boat launches at the Fairholme General Store, which closes in the winter. The Lake Crescent Lodge also has seasonal rentals of kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes. Kayak tours are also available, and you can book a guided tour of the lake. When you arrive, you can also check out other options in the area.

Log Cabin Resort: Located on the northern edge of the lake, this lakefront resort is ideal for kayak rentals. The lodge offers day-use parking, which makes it easy to reach the lake from the lodge’s dock. The resort offers kayak and canoe rentals, as well as a lakeside restaurant, so you can dine in the sunshine. For those who want to stay closer to the lodge, the resort’s Log Cabin Resort offers a variety of accommodations. You can stay at one of the two-bedroom suites, or opt to rent a tent site or an A-frame mini cabin.

Lake Crescent is also an excellent place to get your fix of water sports. You can take a hike to Marymere Falls on Barnes Creek, or climb Mount Storm King for a challenging 1.7-mile trek. While you’re here, you can also catch Beardslee trout and Crescenti trout from the lake. Don’t forget to check out the tide-pools at Tongue Point. There’s so much to do on Lake Crescent!

Lake Ozette

Lake Ozette is Washington’s third largest natural lake. Located in the Olympic National Park, the lake is relatively remote, but it offers a variety of recreational activities. There are a number of campgrounds on Lake Ozette, including the Lost Resort. Getting there is simple: you can pick up an NPS wilderness permit at Forks or Port Angeles. The NPS has a list of preferred campsites, but you can camp on any open land, except for private property.

There are many locations where you can rent a kayak on Lake Ozette. Near the Lost Resort Store, you can get supplies for your lakeside picnic. The Lost Resort Store provides sandwiches, snacks, coffee, and camp supplies. You can also find a gas station nearby, if needed. You may also want to bring some food along. Many people enjoy picnics at the lakeshore. There are a number of other options for dining and shopping.

You can explore the many bays and rivers on Lake Ozette. Be sure to budget additional time to explore all the waterways. There are three islands on Lake Ozette, including Garden Island, Baby Island, and Tivoli Island. Be sure to check the weather forecast before your trip to be prepared. You may even encounter strong winds, so bring extra clothing and a sweater. You’ll have a blast paddling on this lake!

If you are looking for a peaceful lake for a kayaking adventure, Lake Ozette may be the perfect location. It’s a lesser-known lake in Washington, and its uncrowded, unpaved Charley Creek Road makes it a great place to take a kayak trip. There are many boat ramps along its shores, so getting in and out of the water is quick and easy. The lake itself is about 8 miles long and is close to Olympic National Park, making it the perfect spot for an Olympic Park kayak trip.

Marymere Falls Trail

The Marymere Falls Trail winds through cedars and mossy maples before plummeting over a small rock wall. The waterfall’s delicate beauty draws visitors. Continue upward on the trail to get a better view of the falls. Although it’s short, it’s steep enough that many hikers can finish the trail without having to do too much effort. To help you get to the falls, the trail has two viewpoints along the way.

Marymere Falls Trail: This trail follows an old growth forest to a waterfall that drops over 80 feet. The trail follows the creek through the fir and hemlock forests and includes bridges over Falls Creek and Barnes Creek. The trail also includes steep stairs to get to the waterfall’s viewing area. There is also a connecting trail with the Barnes Creek Trail and Mt Storm King. The hike is popular with families and is a great way to see a waterfall without hiking a long distance.

The trailhead is accessible by car or bicycle. Although the trailhead is not visible from the road, it’s easily accessible by car or bicycle from Port Angeles, Tacoma, Seattle, and Tacoma. It’s also accessible by the Storm King Ranger Station, which is located on the east side of Olympic Highway near Lake Crescent. This hike is also accessible from nearby towns such as Lake Crescent, which has many hiking trails.

The trail begins at Storm King Ranger Station, where it crosses a bridge. Continue on this trail, which goes through a cathedral of moss-covered trees. After crossing Falls Creek, it continues upstream alongside Barnes Creek, and then crosses another bridge. After the second bridge, the trail loops up to two viewpoints of the waterfall. The views are breathtaking. Once you’ve climbed up the stairs to the viewing platform, you’ll feel completely rewarded.

East Beach

For a more relaxing lake experience, try renting kayaks from East Beach. Located just off Highway 101, this small beach offers great views of the lake and is less than a mile from the highway. On sunny days, this beach is a popular place for families. There are six picnic tables and vault toilets. You can also use the area for group excursions. If you plan to take a break from your kayak adventure, you can stop at Fairholme Beach and East Beach.

There are several other places to rent kayaks on Lake Crescent, but the most convenient place is East Beach, just a short distance from the Spruce Railroad trailhead. The resort provides watercraft rentals as well as kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes. You can also bring your own food and enjoy a scenic picnic at the nearby Sunnyside Cafe. Make sure to reserve a kayak ahead of time, as they do get busy during the summer season.

The Olympic National Park is home to Lake Crescent. To enter the park, you’ll need an America the Beautiful pass, which is worth $30. It’s good for seven days, and the lake is crystal-clear, which is important for kayaking. Renting a kayak from Lake Crescent Lodge can cost less than $10 per hour. You can even rent a kayak for the whole day if you’re planning to paddle across the lake. This lake is best enjoyed during May to October.

When to Rent Kayaks on Lake Crescent

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