Which Roof Rack For Kayaks is Best?

which roof rack for kayaks

When it comes to choosing a roof rack for your kayaks, the choices are nearly limitless. You can go with a J-cradle, a Stacker, a Jetty, or an Overhaul HD. But how do you know which is the best? Read on to learn more. You’ll be happy you did! And you can also read a review of the Overhaul HD.


A roof rack for kayaks is a great way to transport your boat. There are many types to choose from, but a J-cradle is the best option for many reasons. It can be installed quickly, folds out of the way when not in use, and has soft mounting points for your kayak’s safety. It can support up to 75 pounds of weight and leaves extra roof space for another carrier.

A J-cradle rack is a simple, universal design that mounts onto most crossbars. The rack also includes the necessary tie-down straps to secure the kayak. It comes with a safety strap at the bow and stern, and is adjustable to accommodate most crossbars. The rack comes with two lengths of mounting bolts and is compatible with factory crossbars. It can be installed on either round or elliptical crossbars.

To properly secure a kayak to a J-cradle, it must be positioned midway between the two J-cradles. The back and bottom of the kayak should be flat against the J-cradle, and the kayak should sit level against the roof rack. The kayak should be tied down with cam straps that loop through the top of the J-hook. If this is not possible, then you should secure the kayak using a cargo net.

If you own a vehicle that does not have a roof rack, you may want to look into a roof carrier for kayaks. While roof carriers may not be necessary for every kayaker, they are a practical option for those who cannot walk with their kayak. For people with bad backs or a weak back, a roof carrier is a must-have for carrying a kayak. You can find several styles of roof racks for kayaks online.


The Stacker roof rack for kayaks is designed to maximize your kayak carrying capacity and utilize as little space on your car’s roof as possible. This roof rack allows you to stack up to 4 kayaks side by side and still require a minimum amount of roof space. Designed to be easy to install, the Stacker provides a convenient way to transport your kayaks. It is also easy to use and requires no special tools.

The Stacker roof rack for kayaks features two crossbars that connect to one another. Once installed, you can mount your kayaks in either a vertical or a horizontal position. This rack requires less than 5 minutes to install and will stay on your vehicle’s roof permanently. Folding down the vertical “stacker” arms allows you to load larger objects and reduce wind drag. This kayak rack is compatible with many vehicles, including sports utility vehicles, SUVs, and trucks.

The Stacker roof rack for kayaks is compatible with most car models, so you can haul as many as four boats at once. The rack can hold up to four kayaks side by side, and it also comes with quick-on/off hardware. The Stacker is also compatible with standard load bars that fit most vehicles. Stacker roof racks for kayaks are available from many online retailers. A curated collection of roof racks is available from OutdoorPlay.

Once you’ve purchased a Stacker rack, you should install the straps to the kayaks. You can use cam or ratchet straps. Be sure to use PVC glue at all connection points and let it harden. Once you’re done with installation, you can load your kayak on the roof rack. If you’re worried about safety, you can also attach a load assist to your vehicle’s rear window.


If you plan to take your kayaks to the beach or jetty often, you should consider a roof rack. A kayak carrier is an essential part of kayaking equipment, and a roof rack is an affordable option. Its sturdy design and foam padding protect the hull. Some kayak carriers have adjustable straps to accommodate different sizes of kayaks. A roof rack can also hold surfboards and paddleboards, and may even be used to transport surfboards or paddleboards.

A good roof rack for kayaks includes a crossbar. A Jetty Saddle Kayak carrier can be attached to the crossbars of a roof rack. A SportsRack SR5512 has saddles that adjust to fit different kayak widths. The SR5512’s adjustable foam design cradles the kayak securely and is a safe way to transport your kayak to and from the jetty. The Jetty saddle can be adjusted to a perfect width to ensure your kayak stays in place.

A SportRack Adjustable Kayak Carrier is another great option. It is easy to install and weighs less than two pounds. A Jetty Deluxe Foam Block Kayak Carrier System can also be packed in the trunk for quick use. Another option is the SportRack, which is part of the Thule group. Both of these racks can be purchased through Leonard Truck Accessories. Its reviews are good and the price is right for casual kayakers.

There are several options when choosing a roof rack for kayaks. The most popular and convenient option is the SportRack Jetty Foam Block Kayak Carrier. This rack can accommodate a wide range of kayak widths – from sixteen inches to twenty-four inches. The SportRack Jetty Foam Block Kayak Carrier comes with four straps and bow-and-stern tie-downs. A Limited Life Warranty is included with this kayak rack.

Overhaul HD

If you own a truck, a Yakima Overhaul HD roof rack for kayaks will save you space. This roof rack is capable of carrying up to 500 pounds of kayak gear, and it can accommodate a range of accessories. It is easy to install, and the Yakima Overhaul HD is over engineered for durability. This roof rack also includes adjustable cross bars, making it a versatile accessory.

Yakima’s OutPost HD truck rack for kayaks is ideal for long-bed pickup trucks, and is fully off-road-rated. It also keeps the truck’s center of gravity lower than a standard roof rack, making it ideal for hauling kayaks. The Yakima OutPost HD can carry two kayaks and is compatible with Yakima SideBar mounts. The Yakima OverHaul HD roof rack for kayaks features telescoping vertical bars and a 58-inch crossbar. The Yakima OverHaul HD is also a great choice for carrying cargo, especially kayaks.

For the most secure kayak mount, opt for the flat option. This is ideal for heavier kayaks and provides extra support and protection. However, if you plan to carry more than one kayak, consider a side-mounted rack. This is great for less space, but can increase wind resistance and place more strain on the roof mounts. However, if you’re hauling multiple kayaks, choose the flat option.

For a single-cab pickup truck, a kayak rack for the bed is available. This rack is padded and secure, and has integrated tie down points and T-slot attachments. It can support two kayaks and can be installed anywhere in the truck bed. The crossbars can even accept rod holders, which means you can use more space in the truck bed. And if you’re hauling a kayak for fishing, the horizontal rack is a good option.


The AA-Racks X35 roof rack for kayaks is an affordable, easy-to-install solution that holds two standard sized kayaks. It can be installed without drilling into your car’s roof and comes with eight C-clamps for maximum grip. However, the rack does not fit utility track systems and requires additional hardware. It is also noisy while traveling. The AA-Racks X35 is not compatible with utility track systems.

The HandiRack is made of sturdy steel tubular construction, which can support up to 175 pounds. The hand grips on either side of the upright bar can be positioned closer to the center for a secure hold. The HandiRack can be adjusted in width for different sizes of kayaks. The Jetty set has four individual grips, which gives it excellent stability when hauling one kayak. The saddles feature a clamp at the bottom and a hinged rubber pad at the top. A pair of ratchet straps is included for secure fastening.

The J-Bar Kayak Roof Rack is an easy-to-install, lightweight option for hauling kayaks. It features four tie-down straps and a ratchet system for secure mounting. The rack comes with instructions to make installation a breeze. It can fit on most vehicles with factory or aftermarket crossbars. When installed, it’s compatible with most crossbars and will protect the kayak from damage.

The AA-Racks roof rack for a kayak is a durable option for transporting your kayaks on your car’s roof. Its aluminum frame is rustless and comes with rubber pads for preventing scratches on your kayak. It also features adjustable straps for secure tie-down. The AA-Racks roof rack for kayaks has an impressive 34 inch elevation, leaving plenty of room for your luggage.

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