Which Roof Rack For Kayaks is Right For You?

There are several different types of roof racks for kayaks. In this article, we will take a look at the HandiRack by Malone Auto Racks, the J-bar, and the Jetty set. We’ll also talk about the Overhaul HD by Yakima. These racks can mount on both factory and bare roofs. You should consider the manufacturer’s weight capacity before purchasing a rack.

HandiRack by Malone Auto Racks

Inflatable roof racks are an excellent way to transport kayaks without causing damage to your car. Malone HandiRack Inflatable Roof Racks are universally fit, and take only minutes to inflate using a double action hand pump. Inflatable roof racks are also much more affordable than traditional metal roof racks. With Malone, you can be sure your cargo is secure and protected while still paying less than traditional metal roof racks.

Inflatable roof racks are great for storing your kayak and SUP when you’re not using them. These racks can be easily stored in the trunk of your vehicle or under your bed when not in use. For occasional kayakers or SUP enthusiasts, the Malone HandiRack is an excellent option. Air bladders are also prone to high temperatures, so you’ll have to be careful with this type of rack.

The HandiRack by Malone Auto Rack is a simple roof rack system that works on most vehicles. You don’t need a roof rack or crossbars to use it, and it fits most cars. The Rack is made of sturdy nylon and feels sturdy enough to hold a kayak even when full. The system assembles without any tools. If you’re worried about your kayak’s weight, the rack deflates to a compact size when not in use.


The J-bar roof rack for kayaks is a popular vehicle accessory that allows you to transport your kayak. The J-rack is easy to install, requires no additional hardware, and can be done without any special tools. In addition to kayaks, J racks can also hold other items. You just need to make sure the screws are tightened enough to prevent rotation, which can compromise the security of your kayak. Here are a few tips to follow when installing a J-bar rack.

A J-bar roof rack for kayaks can be installed onto your vehicle’s crossbars or roof rack. Some J-bar roof racks are universal, while others are specific to specific crossbars or vehicle models. Before purchasing a kayak rack, check that it’s compatible with your vehicle and roof rack. Also, make sure that it has a high enough weight capacity to accommodate your kayak. This way, you can avoid damage when loading or unloading your kayak.

A J-bar roof rack for kayaks is the easiest to install. Usually, it includes the necessary hardware and straps. The rack will wrap around the roof and the interior of your vehicle, holding the kayak securely. These racks are temporary, and are most appropriate for shorter trips. These racks can be installed on a wide range of vehicles. These roof racks are also easy to install and use on many different types of vehicles.

Jetty set

The Jetty set roof rack for kayaks is a combination of two parts – a temporary crossbar and a padded pad. The Jetty set’s nylon outer layers contain inflatable rubber chambers that can be deflated to lay flat. The kayaks are secured to the roof rack with four ratchet straps. Each pair of straps is adjustable in length and width. This set can carry up to four kayaks.

The Jetty Deluxe Foam Block Kayak Carrier System is great for the casual kayak user. It does not require any tools to install and can easily be packed in your trunk for quick use. It is part of the Thule group, so it benefits from the company’s expertise in making sporting accessories. The Jetty set roof rack for kayaks is available through Leonard Truck Accessories. It is also compatible with most factory roof racks.

The roof rack for kayaks is an excellent way to transport your kayaks when traveling. You can install them on the roof of your vehicle and still have the room to store your other gear, including your life vests and boat fenders. The Jetty set roof rack for kayaks also includes a cargo net for extra safety. This roof rack will protect your kayak while you are driving, making it easier to get to your destination.

Yakima’s Overhaul HD

Adding a kayak roof rack to your truck’s bed is easy with the Overhaul HD. Its wide bed design keeps your bed room free while adding space for your gear. The sturdy ladder rack can hold 500 pounds of gear and is adjustable for maximum comfort and strength. You can install it on vehicles with or without a roof rack. Besides kayaks, it can also hold canoes, bikes, and other gear.

This universal roof rack system allows you to mount kayaks, SUPs, canoes, and large furniture onto it. The Overhaul HD is compatible with most truck beds and includes patented QuickChange rack attachment systems. Because of its versatility and patented design, it fits nearly any vehicle bed and offers the largest payload capacity of any roof rack system on the market. You can easily adjust the height of the rack and the number of kayaks or SUPs you want to transport.

Overhaul HD is built to last. It’s made of heavy-duty aluminum and has a powder-coat finish that protects your cargo. The OverHaul HD is also engineered to withstand rough terrain and bad weather. Its patent-pending QuickChange rack attachment system and BedGrip clamp technology provide the ultimate in versatility and payload. A Yakima OverHaul HD roof rack for kayaks is the perfect accessory for your truck!


The J-cradle roof rack for kayak is a versatile way to carry kayaks. Its angle allows it to be stored upright and reduces drag. It also eliminates the risk of heavy wind gusts tossing a kayak. It is a relatively affordable option and is easy to install. If you have a J-cradle roof rack for kayaks, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure the safety of your boat and car.

This rack is designed to fit most types of kayaks, from small ones to large ones. It comes with soft mounting points for a secure fit. It is compatible with many types of roof rails and right-on crossbars. It also comes with bow and stern tie-downs and heavy-duty straps to prevent your kayak from sliding. The J-cradle kayak rack is available in a variety of sizes and can carry up to 75 pounds of weight.

The SeaWing roof rack is another good option for kayak storage. It can hold up to 100 pounds and can accommodate kayaks up to 40 inches in width. The rack is made of steel and comes with rubber or foam grips for a secure grip. The rack also comes with two ratchet straps for locking the kayaks. When not in use, the kayaks can be stored flat on the rack.


The Rhino-Rack roof rack for a kayak or canoe is a versatile way to transport your watercraft. It can carry up to two watercraft depending on the length of the crossbars. You can even mount a luggage carrier on it. To learn more about the Rhino-Rack, click here. You can also view videos and reviews of the Rhino-Rack for kayaks.

The Rhino-Rack roof rack for a kayak is universal in design and will fit on most vehicles. It comes with an extension component to accommodate two kayaks or canoes. If you’re buying a Rhino-Rack for kayaks for your vehicle, remember that the manufacturer offers a Lifetime Warranty for its products. It is also compatible with a wide variety of kayaks.

The Rhino-Rack roof rack for a kayak can also hold a canoe. There are two different versions of the rack. The S512 paddle rack is universal and fits directly to a Rhino-Rack Vortex crossbar. The S512 paddle rack is strong and durable steel coated. It comes with a universal mounting kit. You can also purchase a paddle cradle separately.

This rack for a kayak can fit two kayaks in stacked position. It is compatible with most vehicle crossbars and includes all the necessary mounting hardware and straps. Its cam lever adjusts the rack to an upright position. This roof rack can be mounted on virtually any vehicle and can accommodate kayaks up to 75 pounds. When not in use, it deflates to a small size.