Who Founded NDK Kayaks?

who founded ndk kayaks

Who founded NDK kayaks? The company began with the design of Romany over 20 years ago. Today, Nigel Dennis designs a full range of sea kayaks. The company is based in Anglesey, North Wales, UK. Nigel is also a BCU coach and a world-class expeditioner. Today, Nigel Dennis kayaks are synonymous with British sea kayak design. Nigel’s company, which he founded in 1999, is now known as Sea Kayaking UK, and he continues to design new designs such as the Pilgrim and Explorer.

Nigel Dennis

In the late nineteen nineties, Nigel Dennis, a passionate sea kayaker, decided to start a kayak company. The company’s name, NDK, is an acronym for Nigel Dennis Kayaks. The company’s first design, the Romany, was named after the Roma/Romani people, a historically nomadic group of Europeans. Today, the company sells kayaks worldwide at Nordkapp Trust Expedition Centres.

NDK kayaks were created 20 years ago with the design Romany. Nigel Dennis has since developed a huge line of sea kayaks. They are made in Holyhead, North Wales, and are a British sea kayak classic. Dennis is a BCU coach and a world expedition expert, so his name has become synonymous with British sea kayak design. Even though the company has been renamed to Sea Kayaking UK, the original Nigel Dennis designs are still some of the best selling models worldwide.


Sam founded N.D.K. Kayaks after discovering sea kayaking in the Apostle Islands. While working for the USGS, Sam studied salmon habitat in Washington State estuaries and the Nisqually River Delta. He later moved to Panama as a Fulbright research student and paddled the Pacific coast with endangered pygmy sloths. He later left the computer industry to work in the Upper Midwest and founded N.D.K. kayaks to help other paddlers explore the wild places and waters of New Zealand.

The first mission was a successful one. Goodman and three companions sailed their Nordkapps to the southern tip of South America and arrived at Hershal Island. The kayaks were damaged during the journey and Goodman patched them with the use of a stove. The next morning, they paddled out into a two-day gale. Bray survived the arduous expedition, surviving 32 hours in the open ocean in 36-degree seas.


Nigel Dennis, the founder of Sea Kayaking UK, began making sea and recreational kayaks in Anglesey, North Wales, more than 20 years ago. Nigel’s designs have been adapted over the years to incorporate the latest innovations in kayaking, such as the offset day hatch, which allows the paddler to carry provisions while afloat. Another new feature of Nigel’s kayaks is the keyhole cockpit, which makes it easier to enter and exit the boat. Since its inception, Nigel Dennis’ kayaks have become synonymous with British sea kayak design, and even now they are some of the most popular models amongst paddlers worldwide.

The Explorer is the most popular model from NDK kayaks. This lightweight, comfortable, and reliable boat is great for both beginner and seasoned paddlers. The hull is straight-running and has enough rocker for fun in any conditions. The hull is also designed with an offset chin, which allows it to carve and maneuver in following seas or surf. Nigel’s hull is more forgiving than some of the more recent designs, so it feels more secure and reassuring in big conditions.


Nigel Dennis Kayaks are known for their classic British sea kayaks. NDK kayaks founders Nigel Dennis and Dave Hewson designed the Pilgrim Expedition for long journeys and coaching. They have also designed other models such as the Ocean Expedition, the Ocean Runner, and the Romany. Founded by a couple of kayaking enthusiasts, NDK kayaks are known for their durability, comfort, and ease of use.

The founders of NDK kayaks are active members of the paddling community. One of them is Paula Wade, a longtime participant of the New England symposium circuit and one of the original participants of the Autumn Gales. She brings grace to the tide race surfing roundtable. She has a 5 Star in the Isle Of Man and is setting an example for women on the East Coast. The other founder, Nick Wade, is an accomplished kayak designer who has designed high performance sea kayaks under the brand name Guillemot Kayaks.

NDK was founded in 2010 by a group of sea kayakers who share a passion for the outdoors. The founders are avid paddlers and avid conservationists. Both are dedicated to helping the environment by educating communities and national groups on the importance of clean water. Their passion for the sport has led them to become recognized industry leaders, with the goal of educating others about sea kayaking. So, if you’re looking for a great kayak to meet a friend, try NDK Kayaks!


Nigel Dennis Kayaks was founded by Romany in 1993. They were designed to accommodate a variety of kayaking abilities and conditions, including rough waters, choppy water, and swells. These boats were twice awarded the title of Best Day Boat by Sea Kayaker magazine. They are very maneuverable and directionally stable, making them ideal for medium-sized paddlers. Nigel kayaks are also designed for extended expeditions and long distance paddling.

Nigel Dennis Kayaks are an award-winning line of high-performance sea kayaks. The Explorer and Pilgrim are both designed with keyhole cockpits, providing a comfortable grip and quick exit. The Explorer and Romany also feature an offset day hatch. These designs provide easy access to the kayak’s hatches, making them easy to empty. Nigel Dennis Kayaks have a wide range of kayaks for beginners to experts alike.

The NDK Explorer is a responsive sea kayak designed for medium to large paddlers. This design is ideal for surfability, as the hull provides excellent stability and quick turning. Its shaped foredeck allows for large feet up to size 11/12. The NDK Explorer also has a larger keyhole cockpit than any other British-made fibreglass sea kayak. It also has more volume in the rear compartments than the Romany Classic.

Composite bulkheads

A composite bulkhead can be made from the same material as the hull and deck of a kayak. A thermoformed bulkhead is typically made from closed-cell foam and is bonded to the interior of a kayak using a polyurethane sealant. NDK kayaks use a variety of kayak skin materials to make their deck. Other options include rugged polyurethane or Hypalon (synthetic rubber).

While many other manufacturers may use composite bulkheads, NDK Kayaks’ designs feature a unique style that is entirely unique to the individual boat. The front bulkhead is custom-fitted to the kayak’s shape and location. It not only reduces water in case of capsize, but increases front hatch storage space, as well. Custom features such as a front bulkhead provide extra storage space and footrests for the paddler.

Lower fore and rear decks

NDK kayaks are a relatively new class of recreational kayak. These kayaks are renowned for their progressive edge stability and flatter bow than standard kayaks. The flatter bow of Nigel kayaks promotes better surfing characteristics and follows the water easier. The hull design accommodates a variety of paddlers, from short paddlers to big-footed surfers. Moreover, Nigel kayaks have lower rear and fore decks and have a low stroke angle, making them easier to reenter after wet exits.

To install a seat pad, the simplest and most convenient way is to install a foam seat pad. Place it about 30mm forward of the fiberglass seat’s outline. Mark the spot with a permanent marker or a tape measure to help you find it later. Then stick the foam seat pad into the cockpit. The foam pad should be as level as the hull surface and should be easy to reach.

British style

A popular choice for those who love the open ocean, British style NDK kayaks are designed for gradual edge stability and offer a stable ride in windy conditions. Unlike other sea kayak styles, NDKs are relatively easy to paddle with less than 10 pounds of gear. And they are relatively quick to paddle, owing to their long-lasting design and excellent price. British style NDK kayaks are made in Anglesey, Scotland, by a family-run business.

British style composite kayaks feature a stronger and lighter composite seam. You can even choose the colour of your seam! Retractable skegs help increase tracking efficiency and resist the natural tendency of weathercocking. A pivoting pedal-style foot brace by Sea-Lect Designs can be adjusted from the cockpit, and is corrosion-resistant. Both features provide the utmost comfort, making them an excellent choice for kayaking adventures.

British style NDK kayaks were designed with the needs of expedition paddlers in mind. The Rob Roy was used by Nigel Ross in the first major expedition in 1868. He paddled the kayak down the Thames and on the English Channel, and even paddled it in the Middle East! The Rob Roy’s dimensions were 15 feet long, 28 inches wide, and nine inches deep. MacGregor was a century ahead of his time, and is still the most famous British sea kayaker.

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