Who Founded NDK Kayaks?

who founded ndk kayaks

If you want to know who founded NDK kayaks, then you’ve come to the right place. The company was founded by Nigel Dennis about twenty years ago. Since then, he has developed many different sea kayaks. He’s an expeditioner and BCU Coach, and his designs have set the standard for other sea kayaks. Today, NDK kayaks are among the best in the world.

Nigel Dennis

Nigel Dennis kayaks have been in existence for over 20 years, with a focus on the Romany model. Today, they produce a wide range of kayaks for sea kayakers of all abilities, and their reputation is synonymous with British sea kayak design. In addition to manufacturing high-quality kayaks, Nigel Dennis is also a BCU coach and world-class expedition expert. His company is now based in Holyhead, North Wales.

Nigel Dennis started his company in 1996, with the aim of creating a kayak that would meet the needs of expedition paddlers. Nigel is a keen kayaker and has a wide range of expeditions under his belt. He first took a sea kayak around Great Britain in 1980, which he managed in 65 days, and went on to carry out expeditions around the globe, including to Antarctica and Easter Island. Nigel also managed to kayak around Cape Horn in a televised expedition and has inspired many other sea kayakers to do the same.

His first design was a Romany Kayak, named after the Roma/Romani people, a nomadic European people. His company, Romany Kayaking LLC, started in 2020. It is a sole proprietorship, run by Sam Crowley, an ACA Level 5 Advanced Open Water Instructor Trainer and Wilderness Medical Associates First Responder.

The Explorer is the company’s main expedition kayak. This model is fast and maneuverable, with an excellent carrying capacity. It was even used for a month-long expedition in Antarctica. It features a high-performance glass seat, an offset day hatch, and a sloping rear bulkhead for easy access. The Explorer can even be emptied with its bow lifted, which makes it ideal for those who need to get on and off the water quickly.

Anas Acuta

Anas Acuta is an Italian designer who founded NDK kayaks to produce lightweight, durable sea kayaks. His boats are large enough to carry gear for several days and are stable enough to paddle empty even in lumpy waters. The Anas kayak is not suitable for high-speed, rough conditions, or long distances.

The company’s kayaks are derived from the original kayak designs developed by the legendary Anas Acuta. The original design of the Anas Acuta was based on the greenland kayak. The company continues to produce this iconic style of kayak. Anas Acuta kayaks are a popular choice among sea kayakers.

Anas Acuta’s original designs are still popular today, but he has redesigned some of the classic designs to fit contemporary tastes. His Pintail and Romany sea kayaks are two different styles. The former is more modern while the latter has more classic lines.

Aled Williams

Aled Williams co-designed the Romany kayak back in the early 90s and has since been involved in many sea kayaking pursuits, including a career as an expedition kayaker. Since then, he has gone in different directions and, most recently, has founded Rockpool Kayaks with Mike Webb. Rockpool Kayaks produces the Alaw, which is their flagship craft. Aled is a world-class expedition kayaker and has been featured on television and in the DVD series This is Sea.