who makes equinox kayaks

Who Makes Equinox Kayaks?

If you’ve been wondering who makes Equinox kayaks, you’ve come to the right place. These high-end boats have been used by countless people for a variety of uses. They’re perfect for beginners and intermediate kayakers alike. Whether you’re looking for a performance kayak or something more traditional, you’re sure to find it at a Costco location. We’ve listed a few of our favorite models below. best kayaks for fishing

The Equinox is a mid-volume touring kayak with all the standard features of a sea kayak. Its rounded-V hull and comfortable seats meet the needs of beginner and intermediate paddlers alike. It has ample room for all your gear. And with an impressive weight capacity of 360 pounds, this is an excellent choice for people of all sizes. You’ll be able to paddle in style with ease and comfort.

The Equinox is quite large – the cockpit measures 25 inches (65.5 cm) across. The Equinox’s length and width make it more identifiable as a recreational kayak than a racing model. Its cockpit is wide enough for all kayakers, even those who are over six feet tall. Despite the size of the cockpit, the Eddyline Equinox is surprisingly lightweight at 45 pounds (20 kg), and its stable primary surface provides a smooth edge.

The carbonlite 2000 material used in the construction of the equinox kayak offers superior durability and aesthetics. In addition to being lightweight, this material is also easy to lift. Moreover, the upper deck has a spacious hatchet. The oval hatch on the back of the kayak is water-resistant. It also features a round hatch at the front. Several bungee spring cables are provided for easy access and storage.

The equinox’s track is also impressive. It tracks well and is easily maneuverable, but you’ll need to replace the seat every few uses. The seat, however, tore off while I was paddling. Thankfully, the kayak was sold on sale at a reasonable price. A good price will get you several years of use and you’ll feel confident in the purchase. But be careful as the seat is not going to last. You shouldn’t have to pay more than a few hundred dollars to get the right product.